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  1. J

    Eyelash extension cleanser

    Hi, I'm looking for an eyelash extension cleanser that people find really good to use on there clients as I'm wanting to stock and sell to clients. Can anyone recommend one they've used and found successful please.
  2. J

    Lash cleanser

    I'm looking to stock/buy a lash cleanser that I can advise clients to use regularly. Is there a certain brand people find more effective? Would like one that would last after more than 3 uses. Thanks
  3. J

    Lash glue

    I've just brought a new glue but been informed it's not EU standard, but it's KC certified and is ISO medical approved. Would this invalid my insurance? Because I'm unsure I'm looking for a new glue as would like to change from lash FX anyway (this isn't the new one I'm on about) Which adhesive...
  4. J

    Patch tests

    Hello, So I've been doing treatments for a few years now and I always patch test before I tint or do lashes.. In which I normally put a bit of product on the wrist and behind the ear.. Today I was told for lashes I should put 2 lashes on the client for the patch test.. If someone could clear...
  5. J

    Eyelash extension glues

    Hello, I'm looking to buy/use a new lash glue. I'm very interested in sky blue glue but wanted to see what others views were on it first. Also is it good for classic lashes and volume lashes? Thanks x
  6. J

    Eyelash Emporium, any good?

    Is Eyelash Emporium lashes any good?
  7. J

    Eyelash extension brands

    Help! I'm looking to use different eyelash extension products, I've used A H Francis & Lash FX extensions but I wanna know other good lash brands, at a good price and good quality. Also im wondering what websites I could trust to use Can anyone help me?
  8. J

    Eyelash extensions

    Hi, I'm already trained in lashes but I want to take my lashes to the next level, so I'm looking into other courses but I don't know if it would be a waste of money or if I should just continue to practice. Also I have used a few different brands including lash FX, Marvel & AH Francis what...