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    Brow lamination, tint and shape

    Hi everyone, I’ve recently qualified a brow lamination course and wondered when offering this service combined with a tint and shape/wax, what order is best to do the treatment in? Does anyone have any advice or tips on this? Thanks in advance
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    Beauty bed?

    Hi, I’m looking to buy a hydrologic beauty bed. can anyone recommend a good brand please? I’ve seen one on salon direct group and another on salone but can’t find any reviews on these companies which is concerning. If anyone can share any insight that would be great. Looking to spend around...
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    Sanitiser for lash lifts

    Hi, I’ve just completed my first beauty course in lash lifts, please can someone recommend a good sanitizer spray? I can buy one from the training school but figured there must be a good site for buying beauty product accessories online at a cheaper rate? Any tips from established...