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    READ ME!

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    GMEX!!!!!!! 2 spaces left!

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    Race for life!

    Hi guys, I have just entered the Race for Life in Leeds on 22nd May 2005. My aim is to raise at least £250, and I really need your help in achieving that. My Grandma died of Liver Cancer last year, and my Best Friends Auntie has just been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. So I am running...
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    Help & advice needed

    Help! I am having trouble with un-supportive friends and need advice. My best friend went elsewhere whilst I was away just after Christmas. She had white tips applied, and just had clear acrylic over them. She never said anything and came back to me for a re-balance as thoiugh she hadn't...
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    So much has happened!

    Hi guys! Sorry I disappeared for a while! Such much has been going on! My Mum had a terrible accident on the M1 a few weeks back. She has a Mazda MX5 and she was in the middle lane when a big foreign truck pulled into her lane and hit the passenger side of her car. Somehow she ended...
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    flawless & lipsticktips?

    So my plan is to do some Lipstick tips tomorrow with a good idea I have in my head for my white to go in a diagonal line, rather than having a smile line. I am really excited, but I need advice. As one side will show my own nail quicker through growth, I was thinking it would be a good...
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    Don't Do It!!!!!!!

    So there I am walking round GMEX watching my sis try out all the free testers, and a lady asked me if I wanted to get my face spray tanned. I thought 'Yeah why not' Even though I use Su-DO I thought I'd try something new. (Stupid Stupid Girl!) :smack: So she sprays me once and then...
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    GMEX!!!!!!! 2 spaces left!

    Okay guys! I am ready for this one! I've got my money saved, my geek badge done and my t-shirt! So if you're looking out for me, I will look like this; Brown layered hair with blonde bits, sporting a Geek badge printed from this very site! AND A t-shirt I made myself, it's black...
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    The Sweets!

    Well, I've had an eventful week so far! I had my one-to-one yesterday with Shona in Leeds. She was excellent and I learned a lot, which was really pleasing and well worth the money! It even converted one of my Customers from Natural Almond Nails to Square Forever French! Then as I was...
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    Love to Russia

    You have probably all been hearing about the poor families in Russia whose children are held hostage in their school. I just want to say that this has touched me so much and had me in tears. It is hard to believe that as we go about our daily lives there are children been held at gunpoint...
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    I Passed!

    Hi Peeps Just to let ypu al know that I passed my INDIAN HEAD and SWEDISH BODY MASSAGE courses! YAY! Victoria x
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    Autumn Offers?!

    I am planning to do some fantastic Autumn Offers to get attract new customers. I think that it is a good time to target them because the weather is starting to get miserable, holidays are over and Christmas isn't here yet, so people get a bit down. So if I can do some Autumn specials then...
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    Dont Believe The Advert . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . .That new Iced Cappucino drink in a can is NOT as nice as it looks! :cry:
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    I got FLOWERS!

    So, I was sat in the Salon and a Lady came to the door with a huge bunch of flowers in her hands. I assumed they were for the neighbours and they weren't in. She said are you Victoria? And I said yes, so she handed me the huge bunch. I asked her who they were for, and she laughed and said...
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    Fun Day All Welcome!

    Hi Geekettes, If any of you are stuck for what to do today and live anywhere near Birstall (West Yorkshire, near Batley!) then you are more than welcome to come down and join in our Fun Day! We are raising money for FairField School for Disabled Children, and we are trying to raise...
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    Business Rates, HELP!

    Help me please! As you all know, it is my first year of running my own Salon, I am now in my 6th month of trading. However, they have just put up my Business rates, and it is already a lot of money! I am getting customers in, but like I say, I am only in my 6th month so I can't expect a...
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    Got myself a Man!

    Hi Geekettes! Just thought I would share with you all the fact that I am absolutley smitten! I've been dating somebody for a couple of months now, and we recently started going out with each other. He is amazing, and I am so unbelievably happy. He runs his own business also so is...
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    Out The Door

    I spoke to a Creative Ambassador regarding the fastest way to get nails dry as my clients always seem to knock their polish, and she suggested Out The Door. So I bought the huge bottle, knowing that it was good advice. It works brilliantly, however I have noticed that it cracks the polish...
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    Beckham At Osns!!!!!!!

    I was stood waiting in line at the OSNS Leeds today, and a man with long blonde hair was walking down the hall and disapeared into a room. Beckham?! I thought. Here?! Surely not?! Then the door opened and out he came. No way, I bet you're all thinking, Beckham can't have been at OSNS...
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    Has anybody heard of this company??????? The reason I am asking is because they called me today saying they supply Nail Salons with acrylics, Gels etc.... I told them that I wasn't interested. But I was just suprised that a nail supplier would actually call Salons to supply them. I...