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  1. J


    Recently done a clients hair, crazy colour a lavender and purple , as a introduction to purple , next step permanent , any brand with good hold , recommendations please for the reds I normally use asp Infiniti b,reds which are great , but any suggestions on purple would be really Appreciated...
  2. J

    Weak nails advice

    Hi don’t know if I’m the right site here but I’m a hairdresser and since we are washing our hands a lot more every day my nails have become very weak, i used to have acrylic gels And had to give them a rest because my nails are very thin and every time they filed them made them hurt I was just...
  3. J

    Help with client

    Helpppp , i have a client who has vertigo really bad which means she can’t go forward or backwards to have her hair washed, so sits bolt upright, I have been using lots of towels and and a face shield ( adults ) but need a new one and cant seem to find any adults ones , has anybody else the...