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    Las Vegas designs and gems

    I would like to offer this in my intimate waxing treatments for females. I can't seem to find any wholesalers who carry any ranges of designs or gems. Anyone currently offering or know of anywhere I can get good quality designs and gems please.
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    Working from home and not advertising full address online

    So this weekend at 1am I had a drunk knock me out of bed for a massage. Never met before, complete random stranger. He was told in a very offhand manner to go away. I didn't go to door but opened upstairs window as I was alone. I have since removed my street address from my adverts. How do I...
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    Replacement diamond microdermabrasion

    I need to buy some new diamond tips but the ones I ordered from eBay , well were bloody fake and too small. Where are the better places to buy replacement diamond tips from? I searched all over and even emailed the machine manufacturer but never got a response.
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    Microcurrent machine brand?

    I am in the process of buying various facial machines for my new business. I am looking to purchase a microcurrent machine but only have knowledge of what we used at college and I don't really know if there's better out there. I have experience of Dermalift Silouette. What microcurrent...
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    Just qualified, licences or professional bodies?

    Hi fellow geeks I have recently qualifies in Complementary Therapies and am currently doing a L3 Beauty general route. So as soon as my CT certificates arrive I want to start working ASAP. I have set up a really good treatment room at home, have told all my insurance companies and mortgage...