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    New Ikon IQ gels and lamp for sale

    I am selling Ikoniq Prima gels that were bought in March this year. All have been swatched but not used apart from that. Lamp included. Cost over £600 Hypoallergenic and mostly 1 coat coverage, very pigmented and cure in 30 seconds in Ikoniq lamp. 24 full colours listed below 2 x base (1...
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    Where to sell professional gel polish?

    Hi, Please can anyone let me know where is a good place to sell pro gel polish. I have insta but am not on Facebook, I was wondering if there are any sites specifically for selling nearly new pro gel polish. I will sign up to Facebook if it is the only option. Many thanks
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    Lifting at sidewalls

    Please can I get some advice, I’m still a newbie and seem to get lifting in the same place and I’m not sure why! So I feel like I’m extra through with prep, I do sidewalls as well as cuticles and make sure I get out all dust etc. I use a cuticle pusher, flat end tool and a efile. The lifting...
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    SGS approved manufacturers

    Does anyone know what this exactly means, is this an accolade to products made using the approved manufacturers. Or is this a baffling bull terminology.? I am looking at a certain product which claims to be HEMA, Di-Hema trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, isobornyl methacrylate, isobornyl acralate...
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    First sets, how long does it or did it take you?

    How long did it take you ladies to do your first sets. I’ve done maybe 10-12 sets now and it still takes me hours and hours, like 4hrs maybe more depending, even infills take me just as long to do. the filing takes me forever, perfecting my gel takes me forever. I am sculpting with forms and...
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    Cover pinks and lifting?

    Can anyone tell me how you spot lifting with a cover pink builder gel. I infilled my sister in laws nails 2 weeks ago and all looked ok at the time but we had a cover pink gel on them. I couldn’t see any visible lifting after I filed them down ready for prep but she has had 1 nail pop off whole...
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    Encapsulating hybrid gel polish with hard gel

    Hi, Does anyone know if this is possible? So could you paint a hybrid polish onto the nail, add chunky glitter and then encapsulate with a builder gel. Wondering if the builder gel would adhere properly and last. Trying to decide on brands, really like the look of ink London but am concerned...
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    Training advice

    Hi There, I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice regarding training. I have been thinking about this for several years but always talk myself out of it i think because im a little frightened, feel too old etc but my current work is so unfulfilling, I would love to do a job that I...