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    salon and shop

    hi I was just wondering how many of you would go into a clothing shop if a man was serving?I ask because hubby and me have opened a fashion shop womens clothes,cosmetics etc, In the back I have my nail studio which I open on thursdays and fridays he seems to think when im not there if a woman...
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    hi I am justwondering how many of you have male clients ?Ihavejust added this service to my menue because of enquires Ihave two booked for next week for cuticle work file and buff. what products is best to use and how much would you charge? I am going to charge £8.00 for this service and...
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    Brico nail desk and REM filter, advice please

    Hi everyone Two months ago I bought a Brico nail table with filter from R.E.M the table is great but i"m not sure if the filter is working properly there does not seem to be much suction in the filter its self, it does not clear the air of fumes or collect any dust at all I am wondering...
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    e- mail

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    Nail Enhancements

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    pictures of nail art
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    hi every Just a idea how do you all print your leaflets and brochures posters on shop windows I have just been given a laminater and laminated all my brochures and posters for windows this protects from spills and dust and clients have commented how proffesional they look lynda
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    hi there has any one used Glitter jewellery as an addon to service if so can you tell me what its like? thanks
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    nail models

    can some one tell mep please to advertise for nail models to practise on do you need insurance ? im doing a EN aycrilc nail course at home thanks in advance:rolleyes:
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    im looking for a nice hand massage cream does any one have any recomendations
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    hi hope every one is fine
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    Nail Enhancements

    Hi i was just wondering if any one is mobile and lives in tyneside area i would like to have my nails done at home for xmas? lynd
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    hi is any one got any art or decal designs i can look at please my daughter is having aparty at work where she works and evry one wants there nails done to match the fancy dress witches etc she works in a pub thanks
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    hi every one next week im calling to a disabled lady who wants amanicure and foot and leg massage she has muscular dystrophy im looking for a nice lotion to use i use pinnicle products at the moment as im still doing the en course, so id thought i stay with them has any one treat a disabled...
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    hi just in case any ones wondering:lol: iv downloadeded clipart by mistake lol i dont know where my ohotos have gone i think im clicking the wrong clicker never mind back to the drawing board oops!
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    Hi in this warm weather can nail polishes be stored in the fridge safely?
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    :green: soorry evry one the address was for e-mail stilling trying to make a link:confused:
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    hi iv been trying to down load som photos but cant so at last i got just a couple on hotmail once i get practising ill be off also the camera was free from Neat Ideas so this does the job
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    when you charge clients for there nail enhancements do you charge a lesser price for teenagers or every body the same?