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  1. moonails

    Mobile as well as salon rent

    Thank you ladies so much. This is very helpful x
  2. moonails

    Mobile as well as salon rent

    Hi, If you are mobile and also rent in a salon, what do you do with regards to products? Do you buy two sets of everything? Or do you bring things back and forth? Thanks x
  3. moonails

    Mobile nail prices

    This really helped me with my pricing. It's long but it gives you an idea of what you should be charging for YOU to make a profit. How to work out what you need to charge for nail services in 10 steps - Scratch Magazine So you need to consider your experience, how long the nails are lasting...
  4. moonails

    Mobile nails

    I only offer gel polish and builder gel. I use the Haito Duo Trolley Bag as well as the Roo Beauty squares (without inserts) for my gels. I'd advise to check with clients what kind of colour they are thinking so you can bring them a small selection rather than carting your whole collection round...
  5. moonails

    Dull spots in top coat!

    I don't think putting it on too thin would cause this. Too thick might as it might not have fully cured.
  6. moonails

    Dull spots in top coat!

    Ooh then yeah maybe it was not leaving it to dry/evaporate long enough. Also remember you dont need to saturate your cotton pad with alcohol just a bit x
  7. moonails

    Dull spots in top coat!

    Is it just a standard gel mani? Just wondering while you are wiping with IPA prior to topcoat x
  8. moonails

    Rent options

    Thank you ladies! I'm currently half the time mobile half renting a chair but didn't know whether I should switch to renting just a room as then I can decorate how I like etc. But, it makes sense I don't necessarily have enough to fill a room and it will be more expensive. I think I would still...
  9. moonails

    Rent options

    What is better in you opinion? Rent a desk or rent a space? Or even solely mobile? And why please? I just do nails xx
  10. moonails

    Rubber gel base coat

    I don't see this being a problem, especially if you're using all the same brand and that brand doesn't advise against using the rubber top coat in that way x
  11. moonails

    Where to start nail tech career

    I feel that I was lucky in the way that when I qualified I managed to get a job in a salon where the owner was looking for girls to train up to be mini-me's and at her standard. So that definitely helped even though I hated it there and left after being there under a year. But it's all...
  12. moonails

    Jimmy Gel with Shellac?

    I haven't used it but I believe they say it's compatible with CND Shellac. But CND has also just brought out their own builder system called Plexigel which may be worth looking into x
  13. moonails

    Nail art brushes

    I currently use Nailchemy Artisan gel paints and they are okay. They are in a small pump bottle thing as opposed to a pot but a little goes a long way. I have heard Magpie's gel paints are good also so would be good to try those. They come in a pot. Yes Lecente's S2 brush is great and nice and...
  14. moonails

    Gold rim nails

    Yes gold chrome looks fab for things like this
  15. moonails

    Nail art brushes

    I have black and white gel paints atm as I tend to do most details in those colours and they are nicely pigmented. It's hard to find a long liner in a set as I have been looking for that also but had to buy one separate and even then I had to cut most of the bristles to get it as fine as I wanted x
  16. moonails

    Will you be using nail screens once UK lockdown is lifted?

    I have been using one since the end of the last lockdown, in addition to visor and mask. It does annoy me but clients feel more comfortable with it there.
  17. moonails

    Need recommendations for folding table & chairs for mobile nail tech?

    99% of the time, the client has a table and chair set I sit at with no problems. Usually their dining table. I tend to work diagonally across the corner of their table. Already have to carry so much stuff; an extra table and chairs isn't necessary really. Just make sure you put down a towel...
  18. moonails

    Is it OK to offer just gel polish and not normal polish?

    Definitely, just explain the advantages...?
  19. moonails

    Is it OK to offer just gel polish and not normal polish?

    I always try to give them the cons of having regular polish vs gel polish and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't