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  1. xXxCaZxXx

    Comcit elite

    Hey everyone, I did my training for the elite before lockdown and now I’m getting really nervous because I’m (provisionally) fully booked with treatments from 12th April but don’t have any confidence that I’ll know how to do it. I’ve contacted crystal clear but everyone’s working from home so...
  2. xXxCaZxXx

    Icon Ultra Lift vs Crystal Clear lift and tone

    Hello all! Just wondering what you would buy tbh. Both are similar price’s. The problems with machines is that you can use them both for a month and see what one you like more [emoji85]
  3. xXxCaZxXx

    Using the marketing of another company without getting into trouble

    Hear me out! I sold my business a few years ago when I moved and started working for a well know company who spend a lot of money to create marketing for their brand. They only do facials and obviously, after working for them for so long, I know how to do the treatments inside out. I’ve moved...
  4. xXxCaZxXx

    Best facial machines

    Hi all, I want to expand my treatments and am just looking for recommendations. I wasn’t impressed by crystal clears demo and when the caci rep came to see me, she completely put me off so those two are out. Price doesn’t matter but I definitely want to see results! Thanks everyone : )
  5. xXxCaZxXx

    Recommendations for facial machines?

    Good morning all, As the title says, I’m looking for recommendations for facial machines. I’m looking specifically for a hand held microcurrent, infrared and laser rejuvenation. I have a crystal clear machine but have never used in within a facial so also interested in what people think of...
  6. xXxCaZxXx

    Online booking system

    Which is best and how do you use it lol
  7. xXxCaZxXx

    Best skin peels around?

    Looking for recommendations, preferably with before and after pictures. I used to use Gerard’s but I think they’ve changed the formula because it doesn’t seem to be as effective anymore? Thanks guys [emoji4]
  8. xXxCaZxXx

    Vegan products?

    Good morning all. I have a vegan spa and have recently discovered some products that I want to bring in. They’re not from a vegan brand but are themselves. Is it unethical to use these bits if I won’t even buy products if a parent company isn’t CF? Also, I’ve worked in spas when they are...
  9. xXxCaZxXx

    Online shop-setting up?

    Does anyone have one that would be willing to help me set one up? I have all the products ands treatments but haven’t the foggiest on how to sell online nor the best way to package and post. I know it’s a lot to ask but I would be so grateful for any advice at all! I’m getting older and was...
  10. xXxCaZxXx

    Weight loss and loose skin?

    Good morning all. One of my clients is about to have a gastric band but doesn’t want loose skin. I’ve recommended that she exercise as she’s losing the weight and said that massage will help keep the skin supple but is there anything else I can do for her? I don’t want to give her false hope...
  11. xXxCaZxXx

    PCOS and hair loss

    Merry Christmas everyone! I had a client come in today, blow out for Christmas and by the end of it I was almost in tears! She said she has PCOS so has very thin hair but when she took out her hair piece it was non existent. I'm. It exaggerating, when I bunched her hair together it was...
  12. xXxCaZxXx

    Tips for Facebook campaigns

    Good morning everyone. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for their campaigns or even if you wouldn't mind me having a look at your Facebook/twitter/blogs to get some ideas? I'm looking more for beauty as opposed to hair and nails as I find that quite easy to market (take pictures...
  13. xXxCaZxXx

    Updating skills

    Can anyone recommend any courses? I want to advance in everything! Already done a few with GHD, did an advanced cutting course with Toni and guy but that was years ago. It's been a long time since I qualified so just want to update my skills and just don't even know where to start. I've been...
  14. xXxCaZxXx


    Good morning all, can someone point me to some courses or YouTube videos on how to do big blowouts? I want to know how to do stuff like this and have it stay I'm not a hair dresser, this is for my girls, I've recently sent them on a few courses but their finishes are still not to my standards
  15. xXxCaZxXx

    Goldwell, Tony & Guy, Aveda, Vidal Sassoon courses

    Good morning guys, I was looking for as much information as possible on the courses offered by the guys above. I've done my research but they all look exactly the same. Goldwell seem to just be about colour but when I called to speak to them about what I was looking for, the answer I got was it...
  16. xXxCaZxXx

    GHD master stylist

    Good morning all, Has anyone done the master stylist course? Can you tell me more about it? From what I've read it's just 8 of the individual courses which means it would be cheaper to buy them individually? Tia [emoji4]
  17. xXxCaZxXx

    Ghd vintage revival

    Did anyone do this course? We missed it! Desperate to know if it's any good for next year Thanks guys Xxxx
  18. xXxCaZxXx


    Can anyone recommend any courses or academy's in London/Kent area? One of my girls is amazing at blow drys and I like sending them on courses as rewards but hair is new at our place so I haven't brushed up on it all [emoji85] I've heard Vidal Sassoon is really bad? I was looking specifically...
  19. xXxCaZxXx

    Rainbow/mermaid hair

    Can anyone recommend a good permanent colour range for rainbow and pastel colours? Thanks guys xxxx
  20. xXxCaZxXx

    Official wholesalers

    Hey everyone, can anyone please tell me who the official wholesaler is for Moroccan oil and kerastase please? Also any other recommendations for both retail and products to use on clients are greatly appreciated xxxx