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    Boss from hell! - Can I liberate my clients?

    You probably have a case for constructive dismissal. Also does your contact not have stipulations about paying overtime etc As others have said people will find you through word of mouth, Facebook etc so no need to proactively take them, just make sure there is a way for them to find you.
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    Increasing word of mouth advertising article

    Just read this and thought I would share. Hopefully the link works
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    Promoting your business tips

    For me it would be interesting to read around how to portray your brand, and link the different activity you do such as digital, paper in salon etc.
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    What kind of offers should I do?

    How are you going to be offering the offers? Things I do are offers on flyers but more as packages, so tan and lashes for £20 for example. Rather than discounting am individual treatment. My business card is also an appointment card which has retention stamps much like Starbucks. I then...
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    Facebook offers?

    It's only in beta so not all pages can have it. On your page where it gives the option for adding a post or event it will ad offers when available.
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    This is going to be the front of my leaflet - a friend who is a graphic designer made it for me, happy to share his details and would love to know your thoughts..xx
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    How it is to open your own business?

    If you are working part time then it will help in terms of you having an income, however it has been easier for me in starting my own salon to having had worked in several salons first. Simply I am a better therapist now than when i first qualified, I have learned from the different places I...
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    Start up questions :)

    What I did was created a list of treatments I wanted to provide. Then for each treatment I wrote all the equipment and products I would need for each treatment, including bed, wax pot etc This gave me a list of everything I need to be able to provide treatments and I could get a price for...
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    Making your own flyers

    I would recommend getting someone to do it professionally as it makes such a difference, especially as it will be many peoples first impressions of your business. I have a friend who is a Graphic Designer, and does his own work away from his day job in his spare time. I can show you the...
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    Posting your own flyers!?

    This has made some interesting and worrying reading as I plan to do a leaflet drop on Sunday. Just see too many of them ending up in the bin when companies do it, so my partner will have to do :)
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    What is your salon Facebook?

    Some absolutely lovely pages on here that I have learned a lot from - so thanks for sharing all. Here is my new facebook page Kelly at Flawless - Beauty salon - Hamilton, United Kingdom | Facebook The salon is only two weeks old so constantly updating the page with new pictures, products...
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    What do you think of my website?

    Hi I really like the content, however do struggle with the text, which I think is made more difficult by the text areas not having a different shaded background to the overall page background. Good start though and nice nails