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  1. amwebster

    Nail advice

    Thanks so much, I'm not sure I the infection has gone or not. Will pass on the advice tho xxx
  2. amwebster

    Nail advice

    I have a friend who has a nail infection and as a result the whole nail has come off. She has a ball on Friday night just looking for any suggestions for making it look slightly better for the night? Thanks xx
  3. amwebster

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Rasta nails for me today
  4. amwebster

    Make up kits

    Hi just wondered if anyone knew of unmask the beauty make up kit? I'm attending a make up course and this is the kit you can buy from them. Just wondered If it's worth buying or if I'd be better using an sbc kit I already have and spending more time looking for a better professional kit? Xx
  5. amwebster

    Fifty Shades of Grey

    Iv read the first 2 in the past week and will be into the 3rd tonight! Amazing books. Now to find myself a real life mr grey haha!! Xx
  6. amwebster

    What nails are you sporting today?

    First time to this kind of post! Fluorescent rockstar for me today! X
  7. amwebster

    New to gel nails....advice

    Iv jut finished my course and just a quick question which might sound stupid but here goes. When doing white tips when the client prefers the smile line painted rather than a white tip used, does it make a difference using clear tips or natural tips? Xx
  8. amwebster

    Nail art pens

    Thanks so much for the ideas, will look into them all xx
  9. amwebster

    Nail art pens

    I have been playing about with nail art designs and initially just bought cheap pens to practice. I'm now looking for good nail art pens, any suggestions?? Thanks x
  10. amwebster

    Lauren's way spray tan

    Iv tried the 12% on myself and loved it also, I felt my legs could have been a bit darker so I have a sample of the 16% so trying that next time xx
  11. amwebster

    Eyelash advice

    Thanks for the advice, I had her in last night to remove the second eye as think he scared herself a bit! Not as bad as she made out but he has taken out quite a lot of her lashes! Passed on all the advice and she seem happy now! She won't be taking out her own lashes again in a hurry!!
  12. amwebster

    Eyelash advice

    A client of mine has removed her eyelash extensions herself (I did not put them in for her, was done by someone else), I'm not sure if she has been too impatient and harsh when removing them but has lost a lot of her own natural lashes! Any tips to help her own lashes grow quickly again? Thanks
  13. amwebster


    Iv just had extensions put in, I'm absolutely loving them as can now do much more with my hair. Can anyone recommend good styling products to use on them? I'm clueless when it comes to products!
  14. amwebster

    MUA threads

    Absolutely loved all the threads on make up. Have just booked to do an airbrush course and a make up course do the hints and tips have been great, thanks so much
  15. amwebster

    MUA threads

  16. amwebster

    Eyelashes on 14 year olds

    Iv been asked to do eyelash extensions (weekend clusters) on a group of 14 year olds. I'm not to keen on doing it as think they are a bit young, I know they most likely prob out strip lashes in themselves but something doesn't feel right about it! Any advice?
  17. amwebster

    Airbrush make up

    Hi thanks for that, the only thing that was worrying me about the airbase products is that it is silicone based so good chance of allergies to it.
  18. amwebster

    Airbrush make up

    I am doing a airbrush course soon and looking into what is the best brand to buy as my kit, does anyone recommend a particular make. Iv been looking at luminess and dinair. Any tips would be great as getting so confused looking at them!! Thanks