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  1. bimbogeri

    Anyone heard of Ecotan??

  2. bimbogeri

    Teeth whitening?

  3. bimbogeri

    You know your nails are too long when...

    You know your nails are too long when... the dog won't let you on the sofa in case you scratch the furniture.. Sorry, it was the best I could think of!
  4. bimbogeri

    Advice needed re: rabbit

    I never knew you weren't meant to keep rabbits and guinea pigs together - or did you mean two boy rabbits? We've always kept rabbits and guinea pigs together and they've got on fine.
  5. bimbogeri

    Anyone BORED of black polish?

    I've seen the Zoya, Essie and China Glaze collections for spring, they're all pale french and pastel colours - a bit uninspired IMO if I'm honest. I've been loving the darker, more dramatic colours for winter and I've just stocked up on some rich, deep colours from Orly and Zoya. Apparently...
  6. bimbogeri

    Please rank what is your best nail polish

    My favourite by miles is China Glaze. I've tried OPI, Essie, Orly, Leighton Denny, Creative, Attitude... and I still rank China Glaze as my favourite. Application, staying power and colour range is brilliant. After that my next favourite is Orly. Personally I'm not a big Essie fan and I hated...
  7. bimbogeri

    Nail Polishes ~ How Many Do You Have?

    Erm... :o I have 180ish in the salon, and more upstairs that are rare colours or personal favourites that I don't keep out. :eek: Excessive, I know, but clients love the wide range that I have and I'm such a magpie that I just can't help myself!!
  8. bimbogeri

    christmas card suggestions anyone?

    Well, I cheated I guess :D I found some nice cards at the shops that I felt tied in with my company image (pink and girly!) and I've just printed on the inside the customer's name, a message and then 'Best wishes from Lauren & Terri, The Pink Room'. I've popped in an xmas newsletter with info...
  9. bimbogeri

    saying NO

    LMAO :lol: I'm now picturing a set of nails with a sprig of parsley on each nail!
  10. bimbogeri

    cheap colour pops stands

    Yep, I use a normal colour wheel and then I've mounted them on laminated bits of card with a nice border and heading printed on them and stuck them on the wall. Looks cool and is so much cheaper. I get my wheels from Sina, they're £1 + VAT per wheel and I think there was a leaflet in the last...
  11. bimbogeri

    xmas stickers?

    I'd agree, the Nailtopia stickers are lovely, Nail Treatz - Nail art. Click here for Decals, Stencils etc. also do some cute ones - little penguins, reindeer, gingerbread men etc. I've seen some nice 3D xmas ones on Ebay but they're only from Australia, I have yet to find any in this country.
  12. bimbogeri

    Shoe lover How many

    I love and adore shoes.. I'm not sure how many pairs I have. I have a hard time getting shoes quite often as I'm a size 8 and frequently I see shoes I love and they don't have any eights in stock. How I wish I had 6s or 7s!! Also I do have some pairs from several years ago that were so gorgeous...
  13. bimbogeri

    Dress a Nail Competition

    Can we create the nail on a tip or trainer? I'm already trying to work out my design to match my Christmas party dress, but I don't have anyone to model for me!
  14. bimbogeri


    Barratts and PriceLess shoes have those Turkish slipper style shoes, I have two pairs in black for work cos I love them, and I also have them in red and silver :) I think they were £10 in PriceLess, may have been £15 in Barratts but it's the same shoe. They are a bit sore for the first day as...
  15. bimbogeri

    Salon Dilemma

    I would probably say go for it, if finances permit. I would love the change for a proper shop... not wanting to sound big headed but my home salon looks fab, I'm good at merchandising and displays and have big and original ideas for treatments, decor etc. It grates for me no end that there are...
  16. bimbogeri

    Drums or Not ???? Help

    I would definitely never buy any kind of musical instrument until they've had lessons for at least six months. My parents found out the hard way with me :D I got an electric guitar but couldn't get onto a course of lessons.. tried to teach myself and gave up inside a month or two! Instruments...
  17. bimbogeri

    Christmas fair, Help with wording please!

    Nail Treatz - Nail art. Click here for Decals, Stencils etc. They are so cute, especially with the film Happy Feet coming out. I'd put some on my nails except I need all the ones I have for tomorrow!
  18. bimbogeri

    Christmas fair, Help with wording please!

    Well done! Where abouts in E Sussex are you? I'm doing mine tomorrow from 3-5 so I hope I'm as busy :D My only worry is I have these super cute penguin stickers and I'm worried that I might run out. Silly me, I only bought one pack! I have a bunch of little gift sets and stocking filler sized...
  19. bimbogeri

    Chinese food healthy?

    Is this takeaway chinese or home made? Takeaways often contain a lot of MSG which can be unpleasant and the other problem is you have no way of monitoring the salt levels. If she loves it that much then it's fairly easy to make yourself, that way you can keep an eye on the salt, make sure you...
  20. bimbogeri

    Christmas fair, Help with wording please!

    I'm doing the same thing - I've just put "Choose from the designs below: -then I have my decorated tips stuck on- all ten fingers will be polishes, with designs on two fingers - we recommend the ring fingers." Then my price. I've gone for £3.50 but we'll see how it goes. Like you I've done set...