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    Minx clear cure all?

    Does anyone where I can get this from - sweet squared are out of stock. Having returned to nails I am only offering natural nail care and shellac but have come across a few clients with small splits. Not wanting to do the Tea Bag method for clients would silk or fibreglass be ok under...
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    Rescue RXx

    .... Is it just me, or does anyone else think the Rescue Rxx smells like cocoa! I'm having a hard time trying not to lick the brush- solar oil addiction all over again! [emoji15]
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    Wow - clean up polish spills

    Saw this on FB. Had to share!
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    Royal blue Shellac?

    Does anyone have a shellac colour combination for a bright royal blue colour. I have water park and midnight swim could each of these be combined with any other colours to make a royal/ electric blue colour ? Or would combing these two make that? Thanks Jen
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    Think I've done it-bra & shaker combination

    Wooo hoooo Finally after a loooong process of trial and error I've managed to get Shellac Top coat thin enough for a good application! Stuffed down my bra for the service and thenTwo cycles of the nail shaker...... Don't care about any potential strange looks - it's the ONLY thing I've found...
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    CND logo's for brochure

    Hello Guys Having had a break from doing nails, returning and refreshing my training with the lovely (& patient) Danielle Edgington-Gibson and finding the amazing Shellac, i am now ready (i think) to do some brochures and advertise. Ive had a look on CND.Com, SweetSquared and on here...
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    Euro 2004 toe nails

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    Premium geek renewal

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    my little mans here.....

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    Am I An Outcast??????????

    Hey you guys - i know ive not been on here for ages but my last post about 2-3 weeks ago had no replys not one person poped up to say hi ............have i been sent to coventry?????????????????
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    hey! folding nail desk help needed

    Hey guys - i havent been here for yonks - ive been so busy with tate (who's now just hit 6 months on thurs) Chanel my middle daughter (11) got chicken pox very badly two weeks ago and now tate's got it - bless him!! so been busy with poorly kids AND nails AND my fancy dress hire business AND my...
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    hi all

    hi all im still alive... but my little man (now already 3 months - where has the time gone already!) has been keeping mye very very busy he still feeds every two hours through the day taking a whopping 8 ounces each feed - BUT sleeps 9pmish to 6.30am whoohoo!! so been busy feeding mostly but...
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    my little mans here.....

    Hi there - sorry ive been away for soo long - (nearly 3,000 posts since i last visited this site - wow!) As you all probably knew i was due to have a baby on 19th december - and yep he came on that day - wed just settled down to watch children in need! I had felt fine all day been out...
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    a letter i have from the sanctuary's solicitors!!

    Wow! sat am mr postie arrived with a letter from The Sanctuary (Covent garden) solicitors. Now they explain that their client registered the words Sanctuary and The sanctuary and they were brought to attention about my -lowly home salon in a small village which does on average 1 client a week!-...
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    Just came on to say hello! i cant believe im the only one on here....ok it is 5.03 am. cant sleep bump tooooooo big now!! and feet toooo swollen! well my little man is still 'cooking' i will let you all know when hes out.(watched holby last night too - which has freaked me out!!!) im up...
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    hello all

    hi been away for what seems like for ever went on hols and then when i came back my baby threatend to come early (28weeks0 however my local hospital can not deal with babies under 32 weeks so after 5 hours of telephoning and 30 hospitals the docs decidied i had to go to north staffs (3 hrs...
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    an answer to my problems!!...

    though not in the way i hoped!!! after all my problems with fabric over the last two weeks i re applied a set on my self last ight and just couldnt get the fibreglass to adhere - again!!! so i sat and cried and cried and cried- then still bleary/teary eyed i went to go out of the salon (half of...
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    fabric rebalance after ONE week

    Yikes - ok ive had major probs with my fabric application and getting the fabric to adhere but i did a lady friday and it didnt seem too bad - although not perfect. anyhow she rang yesterday to book in for her rebal early as she had lost the thumb and the sides of a couple of fingers were...
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    more fabric help please...

    Sorry guys but im going insane just when i think i have cracked at least one system it all goes to pot. I wear fabric and had a client in for a toe repair all went well... using fabric she said her freind had split a nail and could come and see me. the fabric wouldnt stick down at all and kept...