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    Can you recommend a moisturiser for my poor skin?

    Hi all, I have mild rosacea and my skin is very dry and sensitive. I've been prescribed anti-biotic gel which is great but I find it even more drying, so I need to find a really good moisturiser. I have been using Dermalogica Ultra Calming range for a month but don't find this moisturising...
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    Anyone used/using Dermalogica for Rosacea?

    I've just this week started using Dermalogica Ultra Calming range, as I've been diagnosed with rosacea. Albeit it is mild (flares up with certain things like heat, cold and alcohol!) but I do get alot of breakouts. So far it seems fine (as in hasn't made it any worse) but I just wondered if...
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    Bags under eyes-treatments?

    Hi all...just wondering what treatments (if any) would help with bags under my eyes? Unfortunately they appear to be hereditary so not linked to sleep/water etc. Aside from trying to cover them up, is there anything I can do?
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    Removing Brisa and applying L&P

    I have a client booked in next week who currently has Shellac over Brisa enhancements...well, she has 8 left on out of the 10. She's asked to have them removed and replaced with L&P enhancements. I know Brisa is a buff off gel, but if I buff and leave a very thin layer of Brisa (as opposed...
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    Paraffin wax suitable for mobile

    Hi all, I'm really wanting to add paraffin wax to my list for manicures. I've done lots of searching online but wanted to ask what other mobile nail technicians do? There seem lots of options...dipping, brushing, blocks of wax, pellets... I mostly do Gelish so it would be offered along...
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    What can I use to add moisture to nails

    Hi all, I have a regular elderly client who has Gelish on her nails every 3-4 weeks. She's very good with them, wears gloves and uses her oil, but on the last couple of appointments I've noticed some of her nail beds are looking very de-hydrated - more than they should. I use Nail Harmony...
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    Any idea what these are or where to get them?

    I've had a request for these....they look like studs or balls?
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    Something to practice sculpting on

    I'm looking for something I can practise sculpting on...I will on friends too but I'm thinking just something I can sit here and do in the evenings. Are the trainers hands / finger any good for sculpting on? Have read alot of post saying not, but not sure what else would be, if anything?
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    Nail colour display that you can change around

    I currently use nail display wheels for my Gelish and am up to 5 of them now, and would like to re-do them. Ideally I would like to have them in colour order, but obviously as I buy new colours I'd need to add them in the right place. Hopefully I'm making sense!! Can anyone recommend what...
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    Paraffin wax/CND Almond Spa manicure

    I'm looking to introduce some kind of luxury to my manicures (mainly do Gelish). I've been searching and getting lots of info from here....just wondered if anyone can recommend a system? I work mobile so hopefully something not too messy! I am also thinking about the CND Almond Spa as...
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    Life after L&P!!

    I have a friend who's had L&P for years and is wanting to try to stop having them. We've tried her with Gelish but as her nails aren't in great condition underneath, they get to a certain length and break. As she's so used to long nails, as soon as they break she wants the acrylic back on...
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    What other treatments to compliment nails...

    At the moment, I am only doing nails which I love doing. Most of my business is Gelish and the occasional L&P client. I'm thinking of adding something else, but something maybe along the lines of 'natural' nails like with Gelish as I just don't get much call for enhancements. Can anyone...
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    Ouch...bashed my nail, do I leave it??

    As the title says, I very stupidly bashed my nail big time yesterday (rushing around tidying my little girls room!). It hurt ALOT and I think I caught it and pulled it backwards. Anyhow it was throbbing all night and today still feels sore / bruised. I've got acrylic on with colour over so...
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    Client with onycholysis appearing

    I have a client who has been coming to me for the last year...and generally alternates between L&P and gel polish. Prior to this she'd had 'acrylics' on from a local NSS salon for a few years, so her nails weren't in a great condition. I noticed last time I saw her that one of her little...
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    Any ideas? Nail seems to be going into the side?

    Hi all, just after some advice....this is my friends nail (hope the link works for the pic!) and she's recently noticed she has 3 the same. It appears that one side of the nail is growing more over to the side, for want of a better description! She's only noticed it over the last few...
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    Battery operated efiles?

    Hi all, I've done a search but couldn't find anything....does anyone use battery operated efiles? I'm guessing that being mobile, this might be a better option? I'm considering using one (and training) purely for infills etc.
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    Went from red to blonde - oops!!

    Hi all, I'm normally on nail geek so just popping over for some advice. In general I dye my own hair a dark brown and until recently had a couple of chunky flashes in red (the red always done at hairdressers). Last time I went I fancied blonde instead of the red - she did it (without saying it...
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    Long term nail biters...

    I'm just after some advice...someone I know has bitten her nails for years, I'm talking 10 + years. Anyway, in the last few months she's managed to stop which is great and she's now looking for helping in making them look nicer - while understanding it might be hard! She does now have a free...
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    Photo gallery to carry around

    Hi, I work mobile and I'm thinking about collating some of my nail photo's to take around with me, I people often struggle to picture things when I explain them. I'm torn between a little photo album (6 x 4" type) or having the photos smaller and all on one sheet laminated. What do you think?