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  1. BodyAngels

    Balmain Hair Extension course

    Hi, I'm a fully qualified Beauty/Holistic Therapist and have finally taken the plunge and am now learning NVQ L1 Hairdressing at College. We have been given the opportunity to do a 1 day Balmain hair extension course next month and the college will pay for the tuition and you pay for the kit...
  2. BodyAngels

    Rio nail extensions!!!! On tv

    OMFG. I am watching some stupid women on tv, selling Rio Professional Quick Dip Acrylics and they'll give you 'salon quality extensions' without the salon price!!! Apparently they are sooo easy to do and us nail professionals are getting very worried because this fantastic product is on the...
  3. BodyAngels

    Please Sign The Petitions Above - Only 2 Mins Of Your Time.

    Hi everybody, Just a reminder that there are two links to a very valuable petition above. Please please sign one and lets all make a difference. It will only take a couple of minutes and it won't hurt - I promise.... (well not as much as an NSS operative ripping through your nail plate with an...
  4. BodyAngels

    Bio-Therapeutic E1000 - Non-surgical facelift system

    We've managed to get hold of this machine second hand, but don't have the instructions for it. Does anybody use this machine and have the manual for it and if so, would you be willing to copy it for us? Obviously we'll pay for it. Thankyou, Claire x
  5. BodyAngels

    Individual Eyelash extensions

    We were looking into training in individual eyelash extensions, but having seen a demo at the Beauty show in Birmingham, it looks far too fiddly and time consuming. Does anyone else offer this on their price list and is it as hard work as it looks? Claire x
  6. BodyAngels

    Smiles and general shape

    My smiles are a bit hit and miss. I start at the left, but the right hand side is never symetrical. Any tips for getting these right? Also, I did a set today and it didn't help that the clients house that I was doing the nails in, was freezing due to her having the window open. The consistency...
  7. BodyAngels

    NSI Attraction Pink & Whites

    This is a rebalance done over somebody elses work. Used NSI Attraction. Please critique as you wish, ANY comments most welcome. Claire x http://www.salongeek.com/album.php?albumid=356&pictureid=2553 http://www.salongeek.com/album.php?albumid=356&pictureid=2554
  8. BodyAngels

    Anyone used LA spray tan?

    I got a sample a couple of weeks ago and used it on my niece today. You could see the colour going on which allowed me to use less than I normally would and the colour seemed nice. I won't know though until she washes it off tommorow. Has anyone tried it or actually use at the moment? What do...
  9. BodyAngels

    Abbreviations 'A guide for dummys'

    Hi, Ok I keep reading threads with abbreviations like hth and peeps to name but a few. Now I can't speak for everybody, but I just don't know what they mean, so why don't we do a 'Guide for dummys' - like the books of the same name. Just keep adding them on here then we'll all be 'lingo...
  10. BodyAngels

    Are your nails the best or are you never 100% happy?

    I know I'm getting better every day, but I just can't seem to look at a set of L&P sculpts I've done and think 'yeah, they are bloody good!'. Now bear in mind that I'm a perfectionist and know that it takes practise, practise, practise and more practise, but will I ever get there? Will I ever...
  11. BodyAngels

    Rhubarb & custard

    Hi, Thought it about time I posted on here. Just faffing about on my own hands. They aint great, but they are better than they were a few months ago. Used Technailcolours from NSI, Glistening Rose and Glistening Gold. The swirl is pink cracked ice. I'll post more as I do them. Claire x...
  12. BodyAngels

    Anyone trained at Athena Beauty Spa, Wigan?

    I'm considering doing a 2 day C&G facial course with them and was wondering if anybody had any experience with them? Thanks, Claire x
  13. BodyAngels

    Using oil prior to application of wax??

    Hi, I keep reading here about putting oil onto the skin prior to the wax but have never heard of this before. Why is this done and what are the benefits? God it sounds like an exam question!! Ta, Claire x
  14. BodyAngels

    Anybody going to Beauty UK at NEC in April?

  15. BodyAngels

    Anybody going to Beauty UK at NEC in April?

    I went a couple of years ago and although it was quiet compared to Professional Beauty, it was nice to be able to walk around without getting stuck inbetween a bunch of natterers who love to congregate in the middle of the damn isle. It's a nice filler until PB in Manchester in October. Claire x
  16. BodyAngels

    What are your top 3 most popular treatments?

    What would you say are your 3 most popular treatments? I've been trying to learn everything I can so that a) I don't have to do the same thing day in/day out and b) so I can grab a wider audience. Claire x
  17. BodyAngels

    I want to learn intimate Male waxing......

    I live in Lancashire and I don't know of any courses in this area for intimate male waxing. Can anybody help me. Or if anybody else is interested, we could ask the Wax Queen to come up as I think this is what she does? Come on girls, lets have a crack (sorry)..... It's just that it's...
  18. BodyAngels

    Do you pinch?

    I've found that the majority of nails that I sculpt onto are quite flat, so I try to build them into a better shape. I've heard a lot of negativity about pinching so always decided against it until I saw the Martin John feature in October 07's Scratch Magazine. I decided to try it on a friend...
  19. BodyAngels

    Mobile or Salon? What did you do?

    Hi, I'm hoping to start up in the coming months as I had a baby in October and am currently on Maternity leave so feel that this is the best time to spread my wings. My dillema is whether I should go mobile or open a salon. What did you do and how long did it take to get established and start...
  20. BodyAngels

    How do I deal with this type of nail?

    I have a client with short and slim nails and wide side walls (eg,like toes if you know what I mean). Because of the excessive skin on either side of the nail, they look stumpy. What is the best course of action to help deviate the fact that they are so small. I'm sculpting using liquid and...