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  1. Nailpro Magazine Cover Shoot

    Nailpro Magazine Cover Shoot

    Doing cover nails with Shelena Robinson!
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  3. HeatherDavis

    CND Shellac lifting on just 1 client! Please help

    If it’s only one out of all your clients, is likely it’s her- she may just not be a good candidate for a Shellac service. You can try using Duraforce TopCoat, that sometimes helps- or you can try this layering option, in the following order: Base Coat Original Top Coat 2 layers of color coat...
  4. HeatherDavis

    Additives peeling

    Remember that Shellac will only stick to Shellac. Use an angled detail brush lightly moistened with a little IPA and wipe around the perimeter of the nail plate, to make sure the edges are all exposing Shellac. Then apply your topcoat. Always keep this rule in mind when embedding anything...
  5. HeatherDavis

    Press-on nails for fashion work?

    You can use any full coverage tip (I have bought mine anywhere nail polish is sold in a pinch for a shoot), and glue dots from a craft store to attach them to the nail- it keeps you from damaging the nail, makes removal painless for you AND the model (which she will greatly appreciate!), and...
  6. HeatherDavis

    Brisa Lite Sculpting-White?

    Can you post a good quality picture so we can see exactly what you mean? Heather Davis Team CND Global Education Ambassador
  7. HeatherDavis

    Vinylux-Mood ring nails?

    Try this: 1 thin, even layer of Dark Dahlia Left side very thin Purple Purple Right side very thin Tutti Frutti Center very thin Limeade Mix additive Violet Shimmer into Vinylux Beau- work quickly as it will dry fast! Apply even layer of additive/beau mix Topcoat. I am guessing, I haven't...
  8. HeatherDavis

    Can I use Gelish top coat instead over Shellac?

    Shellac vs. Gel Polish - YouTube Here is more information.
  9. HeatherDavis

    Can I use Gelish top coat instead over Shellac?

    I'm glad the OP got their answer: if color is coming off, the topcoat isn't fully covering the color coat. As long as she is using the CND UV Lamp, that's a fact. I am alarmed that there is a large amount of misinformation in this thread though, and feel compelled to address it. Here is a...
  10. HeatherDavis

    CND Additives

    For green gold and pink gold sparkle use a dry brush, but bigger/heavier micas like those found in Spectrum Shimmer require a VERY lightly moistened brush :)
  11. HeatherDavis

    Geeg please help, tip broke again

    This might be the issue!!! Don't Scrubfresh before you apply the tip! Your nail plate holds it for approx 30 minutes, and can STILL break down your tip, and make it brittle. I would also suggest that for clear tips to use Sealebond, it will give you faster set and better clarity. After tip...
  12. HeatherDavis

    Want to buy mma?

    Here's the deal: you are having problems with lifting. Here's a fact: my clients wear their nails for 3-4 weeks without lifting. Why? I use CND products, which are high quality and do not have MMA, as they are prescribed EXACTLY. I do not use primer. The length of time you have been doing nails...
  13. HeatherDavis

    Nails to go with this dress?

    I wouldn't match this dress. I would CONTRAST it. The green and black are crying to be broken up by something to compliment them- I'd go with a hot cream pink ;)
  14. HeatherDavis

    Tips not sticking with Gel Bond

    Did you apply to the Scrubfresh to the nailplate before you applied the tip? If you did, DON'T-it can affect adhesion. Scrubfresh only the natural nail plate AFTER the tip has been applied and file prepped. And try putting a small bit of gelbond on the nail (in the contact area) as well as in...
  15. HeatherDavis

    Thanks darling!!! xoxo

    Thanks darling!!! xoxo
  16. HeatherDavis

    All your technical questions about Brisa Lite removable gel answered here

    That will have to be discovered by you, as everyones nails are different! Good luck lol, keep us posted! I don't imagine it will last very long. :)
  17. HeatherDavis

    Advice re: education to become nail tech?

    An important note about US Manicuring programs: They are for passing your board examinations. The focus is on Anatomy, disease and disorders, sanitation and disinfection, and basic nail services. These are all important things to know as a nail professional! I know that as far as the products...
  18. HeatherDavis

    Wondering about wear time for Brisa Lite and Shellac

    But my dear, that leaves you room for MORE CLIENTS. If you are doing Shellac with Brisa Lite at $50 an hour, for 8 hours a day, 4 days a week- that's $1600 per week. As long as you stay booked, your income potential is off the charts:) And no, early removal won't affect the natural nail- as...
  19. HeatherDavis

    CND descriptions needed

    I'm a B girl too :) Florence, hold that thought, and hold on to your hat!
  20. HeatherDavis

    All your technical questions about Brisa Lite removable gel answered here

    Yes, wipe off MOST of the excess, but you do want a thin coat of white on your brush- Otherwise the cool blue will seep into the hairs, and the trick will be cool no more ;) You have to make the brush "dirty" before you use the magic sauce. :)