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    Extensions: from bonded Great Lengths to clip-in weft

    Hello, I apologise if this has been posted before. The only ones I have found are for pre bonded and lower-end wefts/clip ins. For the last year I have had bonded Great Lengths hair extensions which are amazing. However, I have been trying to improve my fitness so a while ago I embarked on...
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    For those of you that like the science bit.... Enamel, CND Shellac & Crackle Enamel

    I stumbled across this blog post. The author holds a PhD from the University of North Carolina in synthetic organic chemistry, so is fairly reliable. It probably isn't perfect as the exact formulations are "top secret" as I understand, but it's the most scientific explanation I've found to...
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    Aspiring nail tech (gel)... does this sound okay?

    Hello Geeks! I'm nearing the end of my last year of A-Levels and I've got to decide on what course(s) to do to train as a nail technician! Here is a list of the courses I hope to take.. please let me know if you think this is good enough or have any other suggestions. I think I'd train...