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    Clients wearing masks

    I've tried explaining that she has to wear it but she just took it off mid treatment last time she was in so I'm going to let her know that she can't come to the salon anymore. My other half said the same as you, don't need clients like that.
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    Clients wearing masks

    I have a hand sanitizer next to me whilst working and have been squirting it left,right and centre every time they touch their faces but some people just don't get it do they. Every one else just comes in with their mask, no question. I even text this lady before her appointment to say no mask...
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    Clients wearing masks

    hi, I have a couple of things I'd like to ask. Firstly, I have a client who refuses to wear a mask. She has no medical reason not to, just thinks the whole thing is ridiculous. She's 'forgotten' her mask so I've given her a disposable one of mine, then she arrived with one on and then took it...
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    Help, I literally can’t find clients!

    I know advertising via social media is seen as one of the best ways but I find when you're promoting an individual business you sometimes need to be more specific when targeting your clients. We have a local page on Facebook that any residents who live in the area can post on about local...
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    Visors PPE?

    I wear a mask all of the time and so do my clients but I have a large plastic screen which is on wheels and I place this between us for all treatments which saves me wearing a visor. The screen is much larger than a visor and I just sterilize it between each client. This might be easier for...
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    Salon reopening not as busy as thought it would be! Anyone else the same?

    Like others have said, I was packed out the first 2 weeks then went quiet,then picked up again last week after the announcement 're facial treatment althogh only 2 facials have booked back in and one of those isn't until September as she wants to wait a bit longer. All of my facial clients are...