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    Percentage of increase in clients

    Really wish this was the case x
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    Percentage of increase in clients

    I know am the same it's so difficult at the moment my phone barely rings not sure what to do. Its been really stressful recently. Trying to get busy but also I have a nail technician quiet and a hairdresser quiet too. Feel like its soul destroying at the moment x
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    You need the Award in Training and Education (AET) I am going to do mine at college it's a city and guilds qualification £600 think one day a week over 5 or six weeks.
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    Am I the only person who is sick and tired of rogue training providers!

    I absolutely agree with you I am HND qualified in beauty 16 years took me 2 years of night school to get my hnc then a further year for my hnd I am in Scotland. Totally with you on injectable etc it's not illegal for a mechanic/builder or joe bloggs to do a injectable course do not agree with...
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    Percentage of increase in clients

    I've seen a decrease not an increase my good regulars come back but need to build up getting regulars too.
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    Lash lift shields

    Wow lash shields usually come in small medium and large to be honest I nine times out often use the small shields and always been fine.
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    Price increases after Covid

    Yes I got new prices printed since coming back added a few pounds in for ppe
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    Nail salon booking apps

    I use Fresha plus it's easy to use you can send out blast emails on the system and files marketing deals. Also reminders of appointments and you can ask clients to confirm they need to put in their bank details to do this which you can charge the if they cancel our late or do a no show.
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    Lighting for lash extensions

    Magnifying ring light so you can see better.
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    Patch tests & henna brows

    I don't think it would be a good idea to post it out. It should be made fresh and then applied as it will oxidise and you don't know when they will apply it. Best to do a test in person. Not sure about henna I trained with dyotics and I have ciao in the salon as my old therapist did henna and...
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    I use the gold collagen mask for dermaplaning also I have a full range of neal Yard Remedies Organics skincare I just use what their skin type is. Not sure if the cleanser and moisturiser you have been given is for a sensitive skin. The gold collagen mask is nice and cool to put on after the...
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    Pamper party help

    If it's a party and you would maybe have a fair amount of people there could you not drop it down to £32.50 or something like that and if anyone was to say anything just say it's a saving withn5he party. Actually dont think people will say anything to be honest.
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    Does everyone use a magnifying mirror and steamer?

    No you do not need to use them you can if you like. I have a steamer I use for a luxury facial but otherwise I don't if I want to look at their skin more closely I can use my magnifying light but you do not need them x
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    Facial course

    Is it just facials you would like to learn in or other relaxing treatments? You could do a module at your local college. Remember facials are off at the moment in Scotland as we cannot remove face coverings, not sure what the protocol is elsewhere. If your learning massage you will need...
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    Classic eyelash extensions, advice needed!

    Could it be the glue your using? You need to be making sure that you can find a straight lash to place your individual one on top of. Curled up lashes and the individual lash wont sit on it very well. Hope this helps
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    Taking payments

    You could take payment beforehand or take a booking fee and if you trust them get them ti bank transfer you the rest when they get home just remind them through a text message. I'm always not sure what to do would be great if you made them all pay in full at time of booking but in terms of hair...
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    Salon reopening not as busy as thought it would be! Anyone else the same?

    We are really quiet since coming back the phone is dead actually really scary. Trying not to panic but it's so difficult I'm beauty and am the busiest, my nail technician is so quiet and I have a new hairdresser after covid who is quiet too as she needs to build up.
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    Salon reopening not as busy as thought it would be! Anyone else the same?

    In Scotland we cannot do a facial lip or chin wax as we cannot remove the mask.
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    Advice needed for a customer complaint

    If you leave her to give you a bad review on your social media like Facebook you can respond to her then block her from your business page people will know she is just complaining to try and get something for nothing.
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    Supporting fellow therapists

    You could just get my to rent the space so that they are self employed.