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  1. ChristyR1

    Kupa nail file UK?

    Hey everyone, I’m wanting to purchase the Kupa mani pro passport efile, does anyone use this and know where to purchase the drill pets from? The site I’ve found it on doesn’t supply the bits too, not sure why, waiting for an email back from them. Would appreciate any help or suggestions I’ve...
  2. ChristyR1

    Snapping acrylics

    Hi can someone please give me some advice? I’ve been doing acrylic nails for 6 years, I have regular clients rarely any problems, however recently a couple of my clients have been back with broken nails, tip snapping off! I have then had to soak the remaining of the acrylic off of the nail bed...
  3. ChristyR1

    Microblading course

    Hi, was just wondering if anyone has trained in microblading with Kb pro before and what they thought? Or could anyone recommend a good company to train with? Thanks Christy :)
  4. ChristyR1

    Please help-OPI gel polish

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy the Opi gel polish in shade kiss the bridegroom? Driving me crazy that I can't find it anywhere! Thanks Christy
  5. ChristyR1

    Halo gel lamp

    Hi! Would love some advice! which LED Lamp would be best to purchase to use with Halo gel polish?