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  1. adventuregirl

    Chicken Pox & pregnancy

    Hello Hope someone can help quickly as o can't seem to find an answer and waiting for a callback from midwife. My client called last night to say her daughter has chicken pox and didn't know if that was a risk to me. She won't be at the appointment but in case her mum carries it? I've had...
  2. adventuregirl

    Best glittery Gelish colours

    Hello Tried to find a topic similar to this so apologies if there's one already... What are the best Gelish or Gell II glittery colours to get? Generally and in particular, Christmassy colours. If you have a colour pop of the names I'd be delighted! I wanted one similar to Ruby Ritz, in...
  3. adventuregirl

    100 calorie snack ideas

    Hello I am looking for some good 100 calorie snack ideas which are ideally higher in protein or keep you fuller for longer. I will be having fruit and veg through the day too but looking for something I can grab on the go so not needing to cook etc? Any ideas welcome! Xx
  4. adventuregirl

    Home buildings & contents insurance, home salon

    Hi Geeks For those who work from home - particularly if you use a garage or garden building/cabin, did you notice an increase in your building and contents premium? Ours jumps up over £200 which I think is pretty steep or is this about right? X
  5. adventuregirl

    What songs make you shake your behind?

    I am listening to Hypnotize by Notorious BIG, doing my nails and, as the title suggests, shaking my tail feather. As you do. There are many more I love but want some good song ideas from you guys so I can increase my iPod playlist! Let's boogie, y'all!
  6. adventuregirl

    The Secret

    I was recommended this book, by Rhonda Byrne, and have been told it literally works wonders. It involves asking the Universe for what you want - anything at all; wealth, love, health, and you will get it. This is all based on the Universal Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. I'm a little...
  7. adventuregirl

    Buying MDA machine second hand

    Hello My good friend is selling her Crystal Clear microdermabrasion machine and has given me first refusal. I know it's been well cared for and in excellent condition. My only concern is if something breaks, what would I do for parts or fixing? Has anyone ever bought secondhand and if so...
  8. adventuregirl

    Celebrity Workout DVDs

    Hello I've just started Vicky Pattison from Geordie Shore's DVD and wondered if anyone else was giving it a go or any other celeb DVD for that matter? Did you have any success before or do you think they're a fad? X Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. adventuregirl

    Helpful hints

    Feel like I'm stealing tonicj's thunder a bit with a random chit chat thread :) but noticed another thread about ink removal and thought we could share some of our 'Kim & Aggie' tips. I also have a guilty pleasure of reading the reader'a tips in Take a Break/Woman's Own etc! So, to start, I...
  10. adventuregirl

    Irresistible deep red holographic or red holographic?

    Hello Does anyone have either or both of the above glitters? Ordering on S2 now and can't decide which to go for. The photo on website doesn't look very red so wondered if deep red was nicer. This is for Christmas nails so looking for a red red, If you know what I mean? Hope you can help xx...
  11. adventuregirl

    Best time of year to have a baby?

    Hello For self employed therapists/techs, what time of year do you think you are typically quiestest? We are planning on having another child but ideally not in my peak busy times ie summer and Christmas. I realise I may not fall exactly when I plan but it would be nice to have an idea! Was...
  12. adventuregirl

    Postage cost for Shellac Spinner Rack?

    Hello. I've been asked for my spare spinner rack and just wondered if anyone knew how much postage costs as I've seen a few people send theirs on here. Thanks! Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  13. adventuregirl

    Chunky Glitters help please?

    Hello. I recently purchased some chunky glitters which are gorgeous in the packet but I can't seem to get the smooth finish like a fine glitter. Any suggestions on how to work with it? Thanks in advance! X Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  14. adventuregirl

    CND Scentsations Charmed Trio RRP

    Hello I have hunted high and low for this and can't find out how much the Charmed Trio retails for. Had a customer enquiring today and I just had a blank look :eek: Can anyone help, please? xx
  15. adventuregirl

    Skinbase microdermabrasion machine annoying beep

    Does anyone know if/how to disable the 5 and 1 minute warning beep for the PAYG Skinbase Microdermabrasion machine? My clients (and myself) are jumping out our skin when it goes off. Not very relaxing! Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  16. adventuregirl

    New York-has anyone been there?

    Hello. Who's all been to NY before? Any tips on where to go, where is nice to stay and area, who to book with, good food places (we love our food!), best time of year? Basically everything! Also a rough idea of how much to take to spend? We want to be comfortable and do a lot of trips We...
  17. adventuregirl

    Weekend/Party lash adhesive?

    Hello I have been looking for black eyelash adhesive and usually use Salon Systems from Sallys, however have been unable to source it. A customer who uses it has said that SS have gone bust hence the lack of stock. Can anyone clarify and also recommend a good alternative, please? (Ideally a...
  18. adventuregirl

    Intimate waxing to hair length

    Hello Quick question for the waxing geeks. How do you ask your clients to prepare for their Hollywood? What is the ideal hai length and how/when do you tell them? The last 2 ladies I've had to pass them scissors to trim and I felt a bit awkward. Thanks in advance! X Sent from my GT-I9300...
  19. adventuregirl

    Verruca - client's child walked about with one on foot

    Hello Yesterday I had 2 girls in for file and polishes with their mum. The eldest used my bathroom and removed her shoes as I work from home. I didn't ask her she just did it. I did the youngest sister's nails first and when doing her toes, noticed she had a verruca on her toe. They said she...
  20. adventuregirl

    Discounted a lashes treatment as not happy - opinions, please?

    Hello Yesterday I had my first client in for SP lashes. I've not done them for about a year as I have been on maternity so they weren't looking good in my opinion. When I finished them, I said to my client I wasn't 100% happy and said I'd only take £30 as opposed to £45. She said she...