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  1. kinkyboots33

    SPMU legislation and council requirements

    OMG I'm actually freaking out here with all of the legislation and council requirements. Does everyone has a separate waiting area? What about if you work from home [emoji33]
  2. kinkyboots33

    Massage courses in Scotland

    Hi. Looking for an excellent introductory massage cource. Any guidance will be very appreciated X
  3. kinkyboots33

    Double nail desk

    Looking for a table which sits two technicians. So far Iv only found an IKEA one. Not looking to spend over 200. Anyone any ideas? Also best place to buy sadle stools?
  4. kinkyboots33

    Cash or card payments?

    At The moment I work frm home and take cash payments only but I'm buying s shop and wondered whether I will need a card machine? Would like to hear views/pros and cons etc X
  5. kinkyboots33

    SPMU success rate

    Evening Geeks! I'm saving like no tomorrow to get my SPMU booked. I'm also in the middle of buying a shop so it's all go. Anyway, those of you who have done a SMPU course have you all had success, hated it, loved it, found it stressfully or nothing like you thought it would be. Any...
  6. kinkyboots33

    Rental or % rate?

    Would like to hear the pros and cons on renting a table/room and taking a % of the self employed persons takings please? In the process of buying a shop so would like to hear frm ppl which would be the best option for both parties encoded. I want it to work for the person envolved and not just...
  7. kinkyboots33

    Russian/ Volume lashes in Edinburgh

    Just as the title says. I'm looking for a technician in Edinburgh or Lothians that can do volume lashes. If so can you PM me please x
  8. kinkyboots33

    Semi-permanent make up courses

    So, what new in the SPMU world? I'm in Scotland and still hoping to do a course. Iv narrowed it down to Mrs Make-up but would love to hear from others x
  9. kinkyboots33

    SPMU-the natural next step?

    I currently offer nail treatments, LVL, Semi-permanent lashes, tanning etc but my passion is brows. Iv been doing HD Brows for around 2 years now and would love to take my brow career further and concentrate on brows only. I'd love to do SPM course but it's a mind field out there :-( Is there...
  10. kinkyboots33

    Over from nail/skin for some hair help

    Ok. I have long thick hair which is a red/purple, natural colour is darkish brown. I have been getting the same colour for around 4 yrs and believe its wella semi-perm on lengths and permanent on roots as I have grey. I love the colour but fancy a change and think i might be getting a bit long...
  11. kinkyboots33

    Over from nail/skin for some hair help

  12. kinkyboots33

    HD set up's?

    Sorry guys, im pretty sure iv seen a thread re the above but i cant find it anywhere. Can someone pls point me in the right direction please?
  13. kinkyboots33

    Clean 9?

    Anyone tried this? Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  14. kinkyboots33

    Ikea glass tabletop shattered

    I know a lot of you guys, like myself use the glass tabletops frm ikea so thought id update you on what happened this am. I was in my room with my wee one when the glass top completely shattered into a million pieces. There was no misuse, the only items on the table were my lamp, three pump...
  15. kinkyboots33

    What treatment/products to invest in next

    Little bit about me. Im a home salon (atm) and dont have a huge amount of space. So, I offer the following treatments... Nails Semi-permanent lashes LVL Lashes Tans HD Brows I have the learning bug and wondered what to train in next? What is your most popular treatments? What is your biggest...
  16. kinkyboots33

    Nouvatan vs Sienna?

    Hi, I really like Sienna fast tan and so do alot of my ladies, my question is... how does Tonight the night and Nouvatan 20% compare? Iv had a little rad through some posts and read the 20% isnt very dark? So any Nouvatan or Sienna fans out there fancy giving me there tuppence worth, pretty...
  17. kinkyboots33

    Nouveau semi-permanent tattoo course

    Anyone done the above or any other semi-permanent tattoo course? Would love more info please.. Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  18. kinkyboots33

    Fake tan experts

    Morning all. Quick question! What would you say is the "brownest" tan out there. I know its already been asked but there is always different brands and opinions emerging. X Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  19. kinkyboots33

    LVL patch test?

    Morning folks. I'm sure iv read on here re the above but can't find the info. Do you just literally put a little of each product on a reg plaster? Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  20. kinkyboots33

    LVL Lash lift help

    Ok, Iv messed up! I have two clients in for the above treatment tomorrow and just checked my products and surprise surprise!! the remainder of my lash adhesive is a gloopy mess - is there a solution or alternative?