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  1. pricey212

    Client ‘toned’ hair extensions - help

    Hi, My client asked to tone her shade 60 I tip extensions before her fitting appointment... a couple of days later she messaged me to say the hair was ruined and it was all snapped which means she can’t have just toned the hair, she must have definitely used bleach - pictures attached. The hair...
  2. pricey212

    30” + hair extensions

    Hi all, does anyone know of a supplier who does 30”+ plus stick tips? Preferably Russian. Thanks
  3. pricey212

    Indian remy hair - supplier

    Hey everyone. Can you recommend a hair supplier for Indian remy? I want 6 months out of the hair to offer to my clients. I use Russian at the moment but a lot of people don’t want to pay the high price so I wanted to offer a more affordable range using Indian remy. Thanks in advance x
  4. pricey212

    Extension supplier, which one for a cheaper range?

    Hi all, im looking for a new supplier for hair extensions offering a cheaper range. I currently only offer russian hair extensions due to where i trained, but i want to offer a cheaper range. Any help would be appricated. I have been looking at studio 58 at their indian remy... Thanks in advance...
  5. pricey212

    Tape tab recommendations

    Hey, can anyone recommend tape tabs? I’m due to do maintained on my client Friday and i need to buy some tabs so any recommendations would be great thanks :)
  6. pricey212

    Looking for Russian hair extensions - micro rings -28-30"!

    Hi, My usual supplier has let me down and i need to source 150g of russain hair by Friday. 28-30"! Can anyone help or recommend any sites? Thanks x
  7. pricey212

    Dip dye hair extensions, will they lighten?

    Hi, I have B1 pre bonded remi cachet bonds in. Im wanting to dip dye the ends to a caramel colour... will the hair take though??? any help would be appriciated. Im having it done at the salon saturday but im just wanting to check the hair will lift. Thanks
  8. pricey212

    dip dye hair extensions, will they lighten??

  9. pricey212

    Removing Remi Cachet bonds

    Hi, I have got Remi cachet bonds in, im wanting to get them taken out, what would be best to use? The Remy cachet remover or has anyone else got any recommendations? I will be going back to the salon for them removing but i need to take the right soloution to take them out. Any help would be...
  10. pricey212

    Removing Remi Cachet bonds