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    Good looking thumb

    Well I'm so chuffed I took the plunge and invested in shellac today at Manchester, I was going to buy gelicure but it didn't take long to change my mind, the only thing is I'm too tight to paint any more than one thumb lol! The offer was too good to miss and I got the special offer pack plus 5...
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    Good looking thumb

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    Trade show Manchester

    Im assuming CND will be at manchester beauty show, will i be able to buy from them (im only a student and cant buy from s2) im not wanting to buy things iv not learnt how to use yet, i would just like some cuticle oil, some mani/pedi stuff and some of the nail fresh so i can tidy up my french...
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    Manicure products

    Hi geeks, just started my nvq 2 beauty, and have covered manicures, my college kit is very small with not many products, my question is - Baring in mind I am only a student so can't purchase Cnd yet, what would be the nicest creams for massages to use at home to practise (I intend doing it as...
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    education - please help

    Hi, i wrote a post a while ago as i was confused about which route to go down training wise, as im a total newbie. I decided on the nvq2 course at my local college, so off i went today, to enrol. First stumbling block.... turns out because i got 5 gcse's grade a-c thats actually classed as an...
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    Education ... confused!

    Hi all, apologies if im in the wrong place or if this has been asked a million times, i have done a search but cant find anything as im not really sure what to search for!! Ok, so i am very interested in 'doing nails' I am 25, one option, which i have already applied for is doing NVQ2 Beauty...