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  1. Scrubadub

    The app

    Hi guys many app is not working, anyone else?
  2. Scrubadub

    Hope you are all well

    Hi all I hope you are all ok and looking after yourselves back at work! Luckily I don’t work in a salon or do much beauty anymore so I feel for you all having to wear so much ppe to do easy treatments
  3. Scrubadub

    Athletes foot?

    From my clients pic do you think this could be athletes foot? Not spread to other toes or to anyone else and has been this way for a few weeks
  4. Scrubadub

    Going back to work (non beauty/hairdressing)

    Following the guidelines from the government I will be going back to work on Thursday (non beauty/hairdressing) To say I’m nervous is an understatement, I work in frontline customer service and I know what people can be like
  5. Scrubadub

    No make up for over a month

    So since lockdown I haven’t worn make up for over a month now. So far I have learnt that foundation really helps my rosacea and my skin is worse than ever! Have any of you tried to detox your skin during lockdown?
  6. Scrubadub

    Colour correction

    Hi all I won’t be attempting this myself, I need to find a hairdresser. I don’t trust hairdressers and even thinking about going to one makes me anxious. All I am looking for is a little advice on how to choose one to trust. I have attached pictures below or what my hair is like now and what...
  7. Scrubadub

    Gellux colours

    I’m doing an order on ellisons as I need some top and base coat so I usually get a couple of colours at the same time to make postage worth it! I’m looking for a burnt orange colour, can anyone recommend one as the pictures don’t match the colours that great
  8. Scrubadub


    Hi all I have a Pomeranian and my partner and I decided to get another one. I went back to the same guy we got her from to see if he was having anymore and he has. We paid £500 for her and he’s asking £800 for this litter. Do you think it would be fair to negotiate due to what we paid before...
  9. Scrubadub

    Microblading advice

    I am looking to have hair stroke microblading as I have super thin eyebrows that don’t grow and have no shape. How does microblading do on pretty oily skin? I also have rosacea but that is my cheeks really not my forehead Picture for reference
  10. Scrubadub

    Clients falling asleep?

    So I am currently doing a lash lift on my mum, she doesn’t pay for them and she is asleep. Have you guys had people been so relaxed they have fallen asleep during a treatment?
  11. Scrubadub

    Cutting dog’s nails

    One of the benefits of being a trained beauty therapist is being able to cut your dogs nails without hitting the quick! Pic for cuteness
  12. Scrubadub

    Beauty Works extensions source

    Hi all Asking for a friend, where do beauty works source their extensions from? Are they ethical? Thanks
  13. Scrubadub

    Hair killer

    What products do you guys use to put down your drains and clear the hair? I have a lot of hair that comes out a lot so the drain gets clogged. I used to use caustic soda but can’t seem to get it anymore.
  14. Scrubadub

    Gel on my carpet, help!

    So I was doing my own nails and dropped the bottle of pink gel polish on my cream carpet. I’ve done loads of dabbing with remover and a lot has one out but still has marks! Any other ways in removing this?
  15. Scrubadub

    Not beauty related-family drama!

    So I do dancing and every year on Easter weekend is the big main nationals that I go to every year. This year Easter is late and my partners nephews 1st birthday party is on this weekend. I’ve already entered and paid to perform at nationals and quite frankly I don’t like kids so don’t want to...
  16. Scrubadub

    Handing in my notice - paying back training fees

    So I interviewed for an admin job and got that so I am handing in notice to the salon I am at. Amongst not really being able to afford to live there are numerous other problems that I have previously posted on here about. Anyway I owe money for training now that I am leaving and in my contract...
  17. Scrubadub

    Is this person a chancer?

    I had a lady in the other day for infills on a set of eyelash extensions. They were done poorly so we agreed to take them off and do a full set. She said she liked it when they looked full but not super noticeable so I did a natural set but still longer than her natural lashes. She was happy at...
  18. Scrubadub

    Colour change not going as wanted

    I’m a beautician and work in a salon and wanted to change my hair colour from a 2 to around a 6 so booked an appointment at work. Before I go on I have box dyed my hair LOADS of times, like every colour, and never really had any issues with getting the colour I wanted. I have been colouring my...
  19. Scrubadub

    Need a moan!

    So twice in two days I’ve had annoying clients! Yesterday I had a client who was booked in for a file and polish and specifically said to me that they didn’t like gel nails when they have had them before. I do the file and polish and after I’ve painted them she says she wanted gel?!?! Today I...
  20. Scrubadub

    Clients with colds

    So yesterday I had a client at work that came in with a stinking cold, I didn’t know if I was allowed to say no to doing the treatment so I did it. I washed my hands loads and that but low and behold I am now getting it [emoji35] I am employed by a salon not self employed, would you have still...