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    Pier Auge facial

    Does anyone do Pier Auge Facials or had one? I’m interested in stocking the brand but would like to know what their facial treatment routine is, I’m looking for something really relaxing and thorough for my clients, do the facials require steamers or hot towels? I can’t seem to find any info on...
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    Teachers - Media Make-Up

    Hi, does anyone teach VTCT Level 2 Media Make-Up or Level 3 make-Up Artistry? I'd like to pick your brians if you wouldn;t mind thanks in advance
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    Make-up application hygiene question

    Thanks ladies, I have a santiser spray so will use that x
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    Becoming a trainer

    For companys like clarins they usually employ from within, so the girls starting off working on the counters work their way up through the company. I worked for a large well known skincare company for 7 years and all our trainers had to have at least a PTLLS qualification and at least 5 years...
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    Trade Shows

    Olympia Beauty is 23/24 September (London)
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    Make-up application hygiene question

    When you trained in make-up how were you taught to apply eyeshadow hygienically? Work straight from the eyeshadow palette (with clean sterile brushes of course) or scrape the eyeshadow out onto a empty palette or tissue? I was taught the later but it seems so wasteful and I'm sure Make-Up...
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    Can someone explain whats the difference between 2d and 3d in terms of nail art?

    Sorry to ask such a stupid question, but I am learning nail art and have to produce 2d and 3d nail art designs - what sort of design would be classed as 2d and what design as 3d? :o
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    Mobile carry case/Make-up case on wheels

    Anyone recommend one, there are so many out there and some are really expensive. I want one where I can put all my make-up kit int the top case (I have alot!) and possible the 2nd case and then shellac equipment and lamp in the bottom. If I order one it will just be pot luck so thought I'd ask...
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    NVQ Level 3 equivalent in beauty

    Yes equivalent to means the same qualifications as NVQ 3 - for example when I did mine all those years ago it wasn't NVQ it was City and Guilds and IHBC, which is the equivalent to todays NVQ 3. I would try and do the Level 3 course, most full time courses are a max of 3 days per week now. The...
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    Other forums

    I love salongeek and read it all the time :) Do any of you use any other forums like this, are there any others for therapists that you know of?
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    Professioanl beauty or Habia magazine
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    VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Hair and Media Make-Up - is anyone doing this course?

    I've messaged you - thanks again x
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    VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Hair and Media Make-Up - is anyone doing this course?

    Hi thanks for your reply, I'll message you if thats ok as I'm sure this will drop off the page. Thanks xx
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    VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Hair and Media Make-Up - is anyone doing this course?

    Hiya, Are any of you doing the VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Hair and Media Make-Up at the moment? I'd like to pick your brains if you are on this course if I could! Thanks in advance for any replys x
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    Misha B eye make up?

    If you want to use loose glitter for that really 'bling' look you use a crayon type pencil eyeshadow all over the eyefirst then either apply eye gel or if you want it really long lasting eyelash glue - you MUST MUST patch test this first and then with a small blender brush dab the glitter on the eye
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    Make up artist - What to wear?

    I wear a black tunic with make up artist on it - everyone knows who you are then and its smart - i like the aprons and the brush belts too
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    Any students done a Make-Up assignment or workbook?

    Oh that would be great, would you mind emailing me? i can give you my email address if thats ok - Thank you so much