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    Can anyone share pictures of client who had sessions of SV?

    Has anyone pictures of a client who had few sessions of Shrinking Violet, not only pictures after one sessions? How much did they loose? Has their figure improved a lot? Or they went back to old fatties?
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    Where can I buy extra large beauty trolley?

    Anyone please? I've search the forum but coudn't find..
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    Green / Herbal Peel training

    Does anyone know if there are other green/herbal peels available except dr. Schrammek?
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    Lycon wax only available with their training... lol

    I've just came back from Olympia. Wanted to try some Lyncon wax, but I didn't buy any because I wouldn't be able to purchase more unless I have training with them! WTF? I'm already have additional training with Kim (intimate waxing for men and women )loooooong time ago, what else they could...
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    Electrolysis machine advice please

    I would like to buy electrolysis machine, but not sure which one. I've checked beauty express website. They have sterex sxb blend machine, is it any good? What about skinmate elite blend?
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    Massage, can anyone recommend a good place? to learn

    I'd like to learn massage. I've been checking places but most of them have 1 or 2 days courses. I understand 1,2 days should be enough but if you have training in swedish massage. I haven't beed trained to do massage except facial massage. Could anyone recommend where I could go to learn...
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    Does semi permanent mascara have to be removed after 2/3 weeks?

    or can client just wear it off? I've read lot's of post about semi permanent mascara but still not sure about removal...
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    Age restriction for waxing please?

    Is 16 years old ok to wax?
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    Has anyone using Cirepil Men wax??

    I've run out of euroblonde and now I have to use cirepil men wax ( which I bought together with euroblonde but never used it), but I was wondering if this wax behave the same way as euroblonde? It looks more silky and have a nice scence but I can't stand any smelly wax including tea tree. I...
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    I had Braziliana treatment on my hair

    Hi guys, I had braziliana treatment on my hair. The girl who did it told not to wash my hair for 4 day, and then use special produckt which i purhased. Today it's seond day but I'm a bit concerned because my hair do not look or feel silky. Is that what suppoused to happen? Will it changed once...
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    Did I get old bag of Ecential Rose Wax?

    I'm hoping that someone will help my enquiry. I just noticed that one of my two recently ordered waxes has different colour. One is pure white and other is yellowish. Is it possible that wax is expired? Above bar code are some numbers, on one it is 351.09.26 and other 070.10.05, that is the one...
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    My first not to be client ! (waxing)

    I just started offering male intimate waxing. I received email from a girl who tried to arrange appointment for her boyfriend. her emails were long blah blah blah saying that he has shaven before and now hair is about 1cm long and if he will need triming before the appointment ( in 2 weeks...
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    How to get rid of hot wax from the carpet???

    Please, somebody help me. I tried to put paper and iron it but that was a big mistake. Paper stuck to the carpet and now it looks worst than before... Any advice please?
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    Client with worst ever eyelash extensions!

    I had a client today booked for removal. I was shocked :eek: the way the eyelashes has been applied. Check the picture in my album. It took me almost an hour to remove them.