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  1. babezone

    Recommended e-file under £100

    Hey guys its come to the point now where I need go purchase an efile. As simply infills are causing me pain with filing off an old design etc. I have fibromyalgia a d the pain isnt helping. And is taking me longer then a completely new set would. So can anyone recommend one for around or under...
  2. babezone

    These poor nails, pic included. What should I advise?

    Just after a litle advise on what i can suggest to a lady i know with these nails. She had a set of nails done at a salon then a set of refils at a different salon. and has took them off with acetone. but has left her with nails looking like this. Im not sure if theres any infection going on...
  3. babezone

    Different systems

    I currently use A.S.P as thats what brand i as taught with, But i just have a couple questions. Is A.S.P actually a decent brand to be using. I know its obviously not as great as CND but what i mean is, is it worth trying another, I do plan on booking the the complete course soon. Im just...
  4. babezone

    Acetone allergy

    Ok so firstly sorry if this is a really dumb question, but...... A Lady i know wants her nails done, ( L&P ) but there is a problem, she is allergic to Acetone. When i said that this would make it impossible to be able to soak them off she just said thats ok i will pick/bite them off:eek...
  5. babezone

    Your first enhancement and now?

    Ok so i was just wondering if we could do a little before and after thing.... where people post a picture of their very first ( or near to ) L&P nail enhancement and then an L & P enhancement they have done recently, and how many years/ months/weeks were in between the pictures. I done my...
  6. babezone

    Removing nail polish for infills

    Ok so obviously im new and as some of you have red i wouldnt say ive had the best of training expiriences. But i done a set of l&p on myself approx 3 weeks ago and last friday i needed some infills....any way. i had been wearing alof of polish designs and upon removing these. i noticed all...
  7. babezone

    Sallys replied, what a joke! Need advice?

    Dear Samantha, Thank you for your recent email regarding the ASP Training Course you attended in Cosham on the 5th, 6th 19th and 20th March. Apologies for the time we have taken to fully respond to your complaint, however we wanted to get all the facts together from all parties before...
  8. babezone

    How did you pay for the CND Complete course?

    So like the title says really. I would Absolutley love to do this corse but unfortunately don't have £2,500 sat going spare lol. I see a lot of people pointed in the right direction of CND and then say they have booked the corse. And I'm just being nosey really to see if there are any easier...
  9. babezone

    I just want long nails!! help :-(

    Ok so firstly i dont bite my nails and never have done.their a little on the thin side and i guess have a tenancy to break easy. Its just i really wish i could have long nails the approx length of a more longer set of acrylic nails. enough to be able to do some decent design on. Ive had...
  10. babezone

    What's your favorite L&P acrylic brush?

    im currently using the asp/cuccio brush from the master tech brush set. how ever im not convinced this is the brush for me even tho its quite wide i still feel i need a larger wide one lol.... so whats your fav ? xx
  11. babezone

    Was my acrylic course a scam?

    So i did abit of reserch into doing an acrylic nail corse. there was a college one. but was only a 1 day corse. which to me i thought was way to little to be able to learn. so i did some reaserch into an A.S.P corse with sallys. The ladys instore told me id recieve a diploma in nail tencholagy...
  12. babezone

    The Nail Trainer Hand

    Hey everyone im a little new here so still finding my way around ive recently done An acrylic nail corse. and still feel i need more practise, i have seen the nail trainer hand on essential nails for £99 the one that comes with different tips to practise on. I did however want the jumbo kit...