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  1. hotnailz

    Soft white smiles/natural overlay

    Right, here we are again! I used natural well-less tips, then used CND soft white for the smiles and then natural from the Custom Blend kit I've just bought. Can you see any improvement from last time? I still think they look a bit bulbous at the sides and too thick at the tip. They look ok...
  2. hotnailz

    What learning style are you?

    I have been having real problems lately with getting to grips with my technique. I've posted on Critiques a couple of times and always get great feedback, usually saying "check out the tutorials, get Nailclass, get mum's Encyclopedia of Nails." All of which I've done. Here's the crunch...
  3. hotnailz

    Shall I just give up now and become a window cleaner?!

    I know I need to keep practising but I'm getting really fed up now!:mad: My smiles are always wonky, my mix ratio too wet (I'm still getting used to Creative Retention+ though), I always seem to manage to touch the cuticles with product, my nails are always too flat looking...
  4. hotnailz

    Doing mini-manis at a PTA event next week...help!

    I've volunteered myself to do mini manicures at a PTA Pamper Evening at my son's school next Wed. It shouldn't be too much of a problem but now the more I think about it, the more I'm starting to panic!! There'll be about 80-100 ladies there and it'll last for 2 and a half hours. They're all...
  5. hotnailz

    What happened on 26/2/06?

    Just scrolled down to bottom of page (as you do!) and checked who's online. it says that the most users online was 604 on the 26/2/06. What was happening on that day? Anything special or just a fluke?
  6. hotnailz

    Do you feel a useful member of the Geek community?

    The reason i've asked this is because I always feel like a spare wheel when I come on here. :cry: (not because the people are unfriendly....quite the reverse!:hug: ) I love coming on here and either trawling the forums or, if I want to know anything specific, I'll use the search option. In...
  7. hotnailz

    CND conversion nails

    Did this set today on my conversion course. I don't think I did too badly but still niggly problems abound! Took me 3 hours in total, so not happy at all with the timing, but will try and practise that. My model had lovely large nailbeds but as I was using a brand new brush, I found it...
  8. hotnailz

    Passed my CND conversion course today!

    Woo Hoo!!!:green: Just to let you know, I'm up on the first step of the education ladder - passed my conversion course today and am chuffed to bits. Did a decent pink and white set (pics on critique soon) but took me 3 hours from start to finish!:eek: Shona took the course and she was...
  9. hotnailz

    Loubylou's Skill Builders nails

    These are Louise's (Loubylou) pink and white set done on her skill builders course at Creative academy, Leeds on 4th April. She asked me to submit them for critique as apparently she's crap with computers (lol - her words....sorry Lou! X) I was her model for the day so those are my scraggy...
  10. hotnailz

    NNOs and 2 sculpts - my set first in ages!

    I did a NNO set yesterday for the first time in ages! The index finger of the right hand and middle finger of the left hand needed sculpting as they had both broken short and the client (a friend)wanted them extended to match the length of the others. I was so disappointed with how they...
  11. hotnailz

    SSW - acetone, opposite reactions

    Why is it that when acetone comes into contact with acrylic it breaks it down, causing it to soften and enabling removal? Yet, when doing sculpting, it is advised to mix your monomer with a little acetone for it to set quicker. Why does it do completely different things??
  12. hotnailz

    SSW - Stripping white hair back after colouring

    Why is it so hard to strip the colour (home dye) from naturally white hair? I have asked numerous salons over the years to do this for me but all said it was impossible - why? (not too technical please, but if I knew the reason, maybe i'd stop asking salons and just live with dying my hair for...
  13. hotnailz

    SSW on Hair Geek??

    Just been to post something about hair for SSW but the Hair Geeks don't seem to be taking part! Where can I post my question please?
  14. hotnailz

    Sponsored Aerobics!

    Hello all, Just want to ask you all to wish me LUCK today as I'm doing a 2 hour sponsored aerobics session in aid of the British Heart Foundation. I know 2 hours doesn't seem long, but to an old gimmer like me with a dodgy hip and back, it will seem a lifetime!:lol: And I'll need all the...
  15. hotnailz

    Valentine Nails

    Hi guys, Plucked up courage to send this pic in! Mostly white tips/clear overlay but one finger on each hand was clear tips and mixed clear/pink glitter tip with a white heart. It was my first attempt at L&P design (very simple!) but I only did it on one finger on each hand otherwise I...
  16. hotnailz

    soaking cuticles before l&p?

    A friend who I'm going to practise on has very tightly adhered cuticles - they're not too horrible but they will a good soaking beforehand. I was going to do her cuticle work on a separate appointment to her extensions but what I want to know is this....when a client comes in to have her nails...
  17. hotnailz


    As a newbie I'm getting a bit confused with all the technical terms sometimes used on the site (flag, back-bobbing, stop point etc) and was just wondering if there was a posting somewhere to explain these....I've done a search (as recommended before posting a request!) but nothing's come up...
  18. hotnailz

    Rebalancing and infill - the difference??

    Hello all, I've had a search for this thread and can't seem to find it - all I want to know is what's the difference (if any) between a rebalance and infill. Sorry to be thick! :confused: love Jane xx
  19. hotnailz

    sweaty feet, dry feet, hard skin....help needed again please!

    Yes, it's me again - the needy one! lol. Hope you can help me again..... For my pedi assignment i have to research professional (hate that word!) ranges used to treat sweaty feet excessive dryness hard skin...and must discuss my research. I've sat by this bloody pc for hours and can find...
  20. hotnailz

    thermal mitts/booties....help!

    Hi all, doing my Pedi assignmentfor VTCT Man/ped and I'm a bit stuck. I have to research professional pedicure ranges and find out witch companies use thermal mitts/boots. So far have found only Professionails and Nailtiques which use these. My assignment marker is really harsh (i know this cos...