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  1. babezone

    What nails are you sporting today?

    lol heres mine, first attempt at sculpting stiletto and my ring finger is an edge sculpt attempt lol. xx
  2. babezone

    Cannot file my own nails!

    i know exactly what u mean hun, i never do 2 hands at the same time will do one had 1 night and the next the next day. its just a matter of taking your time, i can file with my right hand ok but my other hand i seem to use my hand instead of the file lol. obviously the smoother the application...
  3. nailnail4


  4. babezone

    One stroke help!

    forgive me if its been said already as i havent red thru all. but there is a cours in jan in portsmouth, im thinking of going. 60 for course 50 for kit its in jan. hosted by gemma lambert. if ur intrested msg me n ill giv u sum more details xxx
  5. babezone

    Pinching tool

    Gemma lambert sells one. Xx Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app
  6. babezone

    Recommended e-file under £100

    annoyingly when i click through to their website nothing loads besides the header to the site. is it the same for you? x
  7. babezone

    Glitter addicts are us

    do you know if they are in most tkmax like a common thing, as i wouldnt mind getting these, and 9.99 seems quite a reasonable price, xx
  8. babezone

    New and a little disappointed

    are you saying you apply your acrylic over nail polish?, i'm sure this wouldn't be giving the acrylic the right adhesion to the nail bed.? in regards to polish on top of acrylic. you simply need a UV GEL TOPCOAT which can be cured under a UV LAMP for 2 MiNUTES, you apply this like a...
  9. babezone

    Nail case

    see id also worry bout tilting it on its side to pop in boot incase all my stuff fel everywhere in the draws etc but i do love the case xx
  10. babezone

    Recommended e-file under £100

    hey thanks, where can i find them, as i can only see them on american sites etc need some were in the uk? xx
  11. babezone

    Recommended e-file under £100

    Also have no idea of where to purchase a used one ebay has no search results for kupa efile xx Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app
  12. babezone

    Recommended e-file under £100

    Is kupa american? Ive just googled and only showing a site that seems to be in $ xx Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app
  13. babezone

    Recommended e-file under £100

    Hey guys its come to the point now where I need go purchase an efile. As simply infills are causing me pain with filing off an old design etc. I have fibromyalgia a d the pain isnt helping. And is taking me longer then a completely new set would. So can anyone recommend one for around or under...
  14. babezone

    Is traditional nail varnish needed?

    See I dont often use regular nail polish for general manicures but LOADS of my clients have nail art done with regular polish. So I use it all the time. Like this for instance..... is done with regular nail polish xx
  15. babezone

    What nails are you sporting today?

    some more nails i done :) xx
  16. babezone

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Some minion nails i done :) xx
  17. babezone

    What nails are you sporting today?

    I thought you had done some crazy kind of shape then, ( in the first pic ) i was thinking wow thats definetly a different shape!!....then i realised the black corners were infact there and made me realise it was square tips but the black blended in with the background lol. Love them tho!! their...
  18. babezone

    What nails are you sporting today?

    These are my christmas nails, Just a simple home made glitter mix overlay on my natural nails to make them stronger, probably abit to keen doing christmas already but hey ho lol. :biggrin: xx
  19. babezone

    These poor nails, pic included. What should I advise?

    there is now the link wasnt added for some reason xx
  20. babezone

    These poor nails, pic included. What should I advise?

    Just after a litle advise on what i can suggest to a lady i know with these nails. She had a set of nails done at a salon then a set of refils at a different salon. and has took them off with acetone. but has left her with nails looking like this. Im not sure if theres any infection going on...