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  1. tronk7

    Cjel p gel polish

    Hi, I’m looking at changing gel polish brands and wondered what people thought of C jel P ? How long does it last on clients ? I usually get 3-4 weeks from my current system. Thanks [emoji4]
  2. tronk7

    Copper tint

    Hi, I currently use Refectocil tint and I'm looking for a copper colour. Are there any other brands that do copper tint? X
  3. tronk7

    Ink I Jel

    Hi, does anyone use this ? How does it go on and is it long lasting? Any pics would be great. Tia x
  4. tronk7

    Baby boomers

    Can I ask how you guys do baby boomers with gel polish ? I use gelish. I've done some on some colour pops but not 100% happy with them , any pics would be great too. TIA x
  5. tronk7

    Best darkest brown dye for sensitive scalp?

    Hi, I've popped over from nails. I'm not a hairdresser but wanting your opinions on what darkest brown hair colour is best for a dry scalp? I tend to get patches of it ( like cradle cap ) Tia .
  6. tronk7

    Tips on spray tanning arms

    Hi. As the title says, I've been tanning a year now but don't do loads as I mainly do nails. Any tips on doing arms as I struggle with this ? I trained with La tan and love it but find I sometimes get a line around the armpit area which is frustrating. How do you do arms ? Any help much...
  7. tronk7

    Tinting eyebrows whilst having chemo?

    Hi, is it ok to tint a clients eyebrows still if their having chemo? She still has some hair left and want to make get feel better about herself. Any advice much appreciated TIA X
  8. tronk7

    Gel only lasting 10 days!

    Hi, hope some of you may be able to help me? I have a client who used to be a nail biter( years ago) and now her index finger and middle fingers grow slightly upwards( ski slope) her nails are really flat too. Gelish is only lasting 10 days or so on her, so put hard gel on then gelish on top...
  9. tronk7

    Flirties curves lash lift course

    Hi, just wanting to know if anyone has done this course and how did they find it ? I'm looking to add this to my treatments and wondered if it's worth it ? Is there a lot of interest in this etc. TIA x
  10. tronk7

    Bottle green gel polish?

    Hi, I'm looking for a bottle green gel polish ? I'm a gelish girl and already have I'm no stranger to love ( under her spell collection) but it's too dark. Any suggestions of other brands that have this colour ?
  11. tronk7

    NSS acrylic removal?

    Hi just wondered how long it takes to remove NSS acrylics? I have someone wanting a new set who previously went to NSS salon. I've removed some before but took an hour ! 😡 I only have an hour and a half slot but don't want to turn her away as it's a potential new client. Any tips would...
  12. tronk7

    Vinylux - French?

    Hi, what's the best colours to use for french manicure? I have a bride to do next week and she wants vinylux. Any pics would be great too . TIA x
  13. tronk7

    Pearl tips?

    Hi, does anyone know where to get these from ? I have a wedding group booked in and they want pearl tips , I've never used these so don't know where's best to get them from ? Vik x
  14. tronk7

    Best files for buffing off/infilling hard gels?

    Hi, just wondering what files you find best for doing this and what grit? Did some infills today and seemed like forever filing them down! I was using 180/100 . TIA.
  15. tronk7

    Spray tan solutions?

    I know this has been asked before and I've read through many threads but still don't know which tan solution to go for ?! I'm thinking xen tan or nouvatan ? Which one do you guys think and what's the fading like ? TIA X
  16. tronk7

    Solar Oil vs Dadi Oil?

    Just wondered which one you preferred and why ? Looking to retail minis. TIA
  17. tronk7

    Spray tanning, Nottingham

    Hi, I'm wanting to do a spray tan course in the nottingham area. Anyone know of any where good around here? Also one where you don't have to buy their kit? TIA.
  18. tronk7

    Harmony pro bond

    Hi, I use gelish hard gel system and I'm thinking about using harmony fusion. Am I able to use pro bond with fusion ? Silly question I know but I've not used this system , I currently use nsi attraction. Also do any of you use fusion ? Is it any good , TIA X
  19. tronk7

    Vinylux top 10

    I'm looking to start using vinylux, was going to get 10 to start with. What's your top 10 colours ladies?? Have no idea which ones to get TIA .
  20. tronk7

    Individual lashes-pricing?

    I've just qualified in flirties individual lashes and can't decide what prices to do?!?!? I've looked around my area and the highest is £75 for a full set , right down to £30 ! So don't really know what to charge ? Obviously I've only just qualified so was thinking of an introductory offer until...