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  1. Louisaxo

    Help! Facial skin masks

    So I use strictly professional products but a separate exfoliator. I use hydra jelly masks at an extra charge. But for a standard mask I’m using Kaeso which is combined in the price. I would love to add some great masks that I don’t charge any extra for. Can anyone please help? I’d love to add a...
  2. Louisaxo

    Which gel does everyone use?

    Currently starting up my own business. I am qualified in spray tanning so far. On Wednesday I am doing the Gel Nail course and was wondering the best products and polishes. At home I’ve got a lamp but need to find a more professional one and I’ve been using Elite99 polishes. What’s everyone’s...
  3. Louisaxo

    Yesterday’s spray tan

    Yesterday I did a spray tan and when I sprayed the ladies back and neck it started to run It was fine everywhere else which is weird I’ve checked the instruction manual on the machine and it seems to be on the right setting. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using crazy Angel which is quite a...
  4. Louisaxo

    Crazy Angel?

    Not sure if it’s just me, does anyone else find Crazy Angel quite watery? Just tested it now as just got my machine and it runs anyway I can stop this? X
  5. Louisaxo

    Gel nail course?

    Thinking of doing a gel nail course soon, ideas ladies? Should I go for it, is this popular?
  6. Louisaxo

    Need business

    So I’ve just started out on my spray tanning, passed my course a week ago, been practicing on family and friends. I currently have a Facebook and Instagram page for my business. I haven’t got anywhere as of yet, was wondering if anyone’s had the same? I’ve been trying to charge £18 mobile and...
  7. Louisaxo


    Looking for an insurance company, help!!!
  8. Louisaxo

    How many tans?

    When using the Sienna X spray tan solutions in 250ml bottles, how many spray tans roughly does everyone get out of them? Tried to look online but no help.