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    Lash Bomb products advice

    Hi I have recently switched to lash bomb for lifts from salon services. I am finding it much stronger than salon services and when I tried it on myself (I've always done my own lifts) after a couple of days my lashes were in all different directions, some laying completely flat along lash line...
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    Lash lift disaster

    Ive had a lash lift disaster this evening and now I feel pretty terrible about it. The lower lashes lifted slightly,i used a pad over the lower lashes but it must have lifted. I will use tape next time. When I removed the nourishing lotion the lashes looked perfect but after 10 minutes ( Idid...
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    Pricing war

    I'm sure I have moaned about this before but it makes my blood boil.the competition with tanning and nails in my area is unbelievable, I feel so disheartened, cannot see a mobile service ever taking off when there are so many people offering the same service in such a small area! Local salon...
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    Moonfruit - help!

    Hi all I am trying to build a basic free website. I am useless with computers and websites but after reading how easy it is thought I'd give it a try. Im lost :( I just dont get it! For instance, at the point of choosing a template, do I have to leave the 'headings' as they are in the template...
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    Bridal nails on very short nails using Shellac?

    Hi all I have bridal nails coming up and my client has very little free edge and her nail plate isn't very long so I'm not sure a French is going to work. What are your favourite shades for brides when french isn't an option?
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    Mobile waxing advice

    Hi all. I have just reluctantly had to throw my new double digital wax heater away (sob) because of a huge spillage which went in the socket! The lid simply sat on top and didn't lock. I am now sat here researching different options; roller wax etc. I purchased a double heater after venturing...
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    Raspberry coloured Shellac?

    Does anyone know what layering combo would create a raspberry colour? I have most pinks but feel I am missing this kind of shade
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    Brazilian hell

    Evening geeks I have just had the Brazilian wax from hell. I do not have much experience with hot wax and always use creme wax with strips but have recently started using perron rigot homme. I got in such a mess with it! It was the consistency of bubble gum when I was pulling it off and...
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    Grape Gum

    Hi geeks I find grape gum needs 3 coats and even then the finish can look patchy. Has anybody tried layering it with another colour first to give a more opaque finish without altering the colour too much?
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    Hard Gel info

    Hi All Please excuse my complete lack of knowlege about nail systems in general. At the moment I only use Shellac and I have never done any kind of acrylic or extensions apart from briefly at college. I had a client asking for a gel manicure and from talking to her she means hard gel. Can I...
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    Xmas nail art for an amateur!

    Hi All I am useless at nail art! From ideas to even copying ideas! it just doesn't seem to work once I put the tools to the nail! :( I have a client who has pre warned me one of her daughters wants something christmassy on ring finger! I normally nudge people towards glitter or foils...
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    How much extra for pedicure with Shellac?

    Hi geeks, some advice re pricing please, how much extra do you charge for shellac toes with full pedicure i.e. soak, hard skin and massage. Am assuming would have to soak after shellac application?
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    Shellac Hot Pop pink too thick

    Hi, I am finding hot pop pink too thick to work with even though I have only used it a few times. I had a client last night and I sat on the bottle to warm it slightly as it is so cold, gave it a really good tap and it was so gloppy, I was having to load up the brush more than I normally would...
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    CND Additives advice for a beginner

    Morning Geeks I am a complete additive virgin - If you could only purcahse 2 pigments which would you go for? which ones give you most flexibility to create new colours or is this better achieved with layering? I have quite a wide range of colours but am rather limited with blues; only have...
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    People Shellac-ing themselves

    In the last 2 weeks I've spoken to 4 people who have started doing shellac on themselves and friends. I have 2 friends ( one of whom used to come to me for her shellac) who have purchased a few colours and a cheap lamp from amazon and now do each other. I know it isn't the same as getting it...
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    2 bulbs not working on CND lamp

    Hi geeks, 2 of my bulbs aren't working on one side of my lamp, i had a client last night and noticed some nails werent cured :sad:I have 80 hours left and when I swap the around the same 2 aren't working! I will call S2 in the morning, I have had the lamp for 4 months will i still be able to get...
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    Photographing nails?

    do you use your cameras or your phones / ipad? I see such gorgeous pics from some of you they are so clear and the shine on shellac comes through really well. Don't seem to be able to get a good pic when using my ipad x
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    Which Shellac blue?

    I have midnight swim and need to add a blue shade to my collection. Which would you go for; Blue Rapture, Aqua Park or Hotskie? Which is popular?
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    Lash lift training Essex

    Looking at adding lash lifting to my treatments gateway workshops and hairways offer lash lift training near me, has anybody completed this course at either of these? also, as a mobile therapist do you find this an inconvenient treatment to offer due to having to patch test?
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    Loving Brisa Lite Smoothing

    applied brisa lite smoothing on a client under regular polish and she text me today to say it looks as good as day 1 ( after 4 days) and I also put it on myself yesterday, it's gorgeous! My nails look like glass