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    Lash Bomb products advice

    Hi, yes I followed lash bombs recommended times. I switched because I wasn't getting a great lift with salon services it was very hit and miss plus the processing times are long compared to other brands
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    Lash Bomb products advice

    Hi I have recently switched to lash bomb for lifts from salon services. I am finding it much stronger than salon services and when I tried it on myself (I've always done my own lifts) after a couple of days my lashes were in all different directions, some laying completely flat along lash line...
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    Lash lift disaster

    Thankyou for all of your feedback. I had another 1 on Friday which went much better but I still felt the lashes were a little too curled if that makes sense. They almost look more like a perm.I used a medium shield and her lash's weren't particularly long. I was really careful to only apply the...
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    Lash lift disaster

    Ive had a lash lift disaster this evening and now I feel pretty terrible about it. The lower lashes lifted slightly,i used a pad over the lower lashes but it must have lifted. I will use tape next time. When I removed the nourishing lotion the lashes looked perfect but after 10 minutes ( Idid...
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    Mobile gel systems! CND, OPI, Gelish?

    Ive never used Gellish but have used Shellac and o.p.i. both are well known brands. Both remove easily with no buffing required. I find opi last longer and is a better consistency, larger bottles and doesn't go gloopy like Shellac
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    CND Vinylux causing dryness?

    I have had same problem. One of my clients nails and toe nails have be one severely dehydrated since I have been using Vinylux on them
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    Pics of Gel II colours

    Here are: Early morning-identical to tropix shellac Hot babe - identical to hot pop pink Wine. - a cross between fedora and dark lava shellac Even with no cleanse top coat the shine is gorgeous
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    Shellac - colours that need 3 coats?

    Grape gum every time...
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    Pricing war

    Thanks for your feedback, I really don't want to lower prices as I don't think I am overcharging and make sure I offer a thorough service
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    Pricing war

    I'm sure I have moaned about this before but it makes my blood boil.the competition with tanning and nails in my area is unbelievable, I feel so disheartened, cannot see a mobile service ever taking off when there are so many people offering the same service in such a small area! Local salon...
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    La Palm/Gel II

    Ooh can't wait. I have seen a local salon advertising it coming soon, the fact no base coat is needed sounds great
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    Website help thread

    Thank you for your help. I really don't want to have to pay out at the moment as I am maternity leave and earning very little I just thought that while I was off and reasonably quiet I could put my energy into getting myself online.
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    La Palm/Gel II

    I am keen to read feed back on these too! Sounds fab
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    Website help thread

    Hi, I have attempted to build a website with moonfruit but my knowledge of websites is below basic and I am really struggling. I asked a friend to help me and he said because I have the free package I only have 30 days to complete it, is this correct? Also, I purchased my domain name from 123reg...
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    Website help thread

    Hi All Not sure if I am posting in correct place? I purchased a web address from 123 reg around a year ago and still haven't got round to building a website! So... I have ventured in to the world of moonfruit (free version) can I transfer my domain on the free version or do I need to upgrade?
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    CND Shellac nails actual colours-I'll show you mine if you show me yours

    I was thinking the same thing! Grape gum is such an awful coverage and consistency that I've taken it off of my colour wheel so that nobody will choose it!
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    Moonfruit - help!

    Hi all I am trying to build a basic free website. I am useless with computers and websites but after reading how easy it is thought I'd give it a try. Im lost :( I just dont get it! For instance, at the point of choosing a template, do I have to leave the 'headings' as they are in the template...
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    Bridal nails on very short nails using Shellac?

    Hi all I have bridal nails coming up and my client has very little free edge and her nail plate isn't very long so I'm not sure a French is going to work. What are your favourite shades for brides when french isn't an option?
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    Favourite Shellac?

    Cream puff Negligee Hot pop pink Tutti fruitti Wildfire Dark lava Tropix Bare chemise Tango passion