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  1. sazmcgee

    INK flubber

    brilliant, thank you for all the info! X
  2. sazmcgee

    INK flubber

    Hi guys, I’ve heard some good things about the INK flubber base coat for chip & lift prone clients. I wondered if anyone on here has used it & what your thoughts were? I’d be interested to know price & whether or not it’s HEMA free? Also would you charge extra for it on top of your usual gel...
  3. sazmcgee

    Mixing CND Creative Play gel & Shellac

    So I’ve recently expanded my service list to include not only cnd shellac but also cnd Creative Play. I wondered whether anyone has been using both gels within the same service. ie applying shellac base coat, shellac colour coat & then maybe a layer of creative play gel before finishing with the...
  4. sazmcgee

    Using CND Brisa Bond under Shellac?

    Thanks so much!! I always apply my solar oil at night as it’s so true that due to constantly washing hands etc the oil barely has time wi absorb so I will definitely try advising my clients to do the same! Also, one more little question if you don’t mind... have you tried rescue rxx? I know this...
  5. sazmcgee

    Using CND Brisa Bond under Shellac?

    Thanks so much for the advice!! I think maybe my base is going on too thick so I will definitely work on thinning it. I have only been using nail fresh for clients with oily nail plates but would you also recommend me use it on clients with dry brittle nails? I am planning on purchasing a pack...
  6. sazmcgee

    Top ten CND Shellac colours?

    Field fox Tutti fruiti Fedora Tropix Lobster roll Wildfire Rock royalty They’re the only ones I can think of atm!
  7. sazmcgee

    Using CND Brisa Bond under Shellac?

    I’m having issues at the moment with clients with either oily nails or dry brittle nails having their shellac chip and lift within 7-10 days. I thought I’d found the solution with Brisa Lite only to discover it had been discontinued But would the Brisa liquid bond by CND applied under the...