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  1. Solohair

    Stain remover for skin

    Since Wella Koleston changed to the new ME formula I am having terrible trouble with skin staining on clients and can’t shift it with the usual emulsifying and stain remover. Anyone else having this trouble and any recommendations on which product to use to get it off? Luckily no one has...
  2. Solohair

    Anti oxy conditioner

    Wondered which Anti Oxy Conditioner everyone is using and looking for recommendations. I used to use Sallys Herbal Anti Oxy PH balancer and did for years but it was discontinued last year and I have used my last bottle. Tried their replacement which is their herbal complex conditioner and it’s...
  3. Solohair

    Honey blonde on client who has lots of gold tones already

    I have a client who is a base 7 and wants her hair honey blonde. She used to have bleach with toner but it sends her hair way too white and the toner doesn’t last long so I changed her to Wella Koleston 9/1 with 9%. It seemed fine in the summer and a perfect colour as the sun seemed to lift it...
  4. Solohair

    Which hairspray do you like best for using on hairup?

    It would be interesting to know which hairspray is the most popular for using on hairup. I have used many and so far prefer the Indola 4+4. Which do you prefer?
  5. Solohair

    Wella FuturA Hood Dryer installation instructions

    I have just purchased a second hand Wella FuturA Wall Mounted Hood Dryer and having trouble installing it. Does anyone have any installation instructions manuals that they could email me please or even give me some pointers how to install it. The arm attaches to the wall but I cannot get the...
  6. Solohair

    Highlighted auburn to blonde

    I have a client who has beautiful natural auburn hair with bleach highlights. It s gorgeous, however she hates her natural colour and wants to go all over blonde. I did a test cutting of her natural hair colour (base 7) with Wella Koleston 9/1 and 9% and its hardly lifted, also the bleached...
  7. Solohair

    Ginger hair, what colour highlights?

    I have client with ginger hair, base 7, I think it's gorgeous! We have done subtle highlights previously but she is now wanting to add another colour. Any suggestions what you would add to complement the highlights. She doesn't want anything dark adding and suggested a different shade blonde...
  8. Solohair

    New L'Oreal Diarichesse

    Has anyone tried the new diarichesse? And will it give one and a half shade of lift? I have a new Italian client who is Base 4/5 and got previously coloured hair by a salon and insists that it's a semi permanent that has been previously used and wants to continue using a semi permanent. I...
  9. Solohair

    Prom Divas!

    I have had a nightmare recently with young girls requiring prom hair and find its just more hassle than its worth as they keep changing their minds, want something for nothing and just never seem happy whatever you do! Am considering refusing to do hair for proms in the future as its not doing...
  10. Solohair

    L'Oreal Supreme to Inoa Supreme

    I have a client who has been having L'oreal Supreme 7.34 for some time and the time has now come to change to Inoa Supreme because of it being discontinued. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get 7.34 in Inoa Supreme so am changing the colour to 7.32. On reading the instructions it says to...
  11. Solohair

    Highlights to full head blonde

    I have client who is base 6 and got highlights with about 4 inches of regrowth . She wants to go full head blonde. I will need 9% peroxide with tint to lift her natural colour at the roots but how do i lift any natural colour from the mid lengths and ends and cover the old highlights too. Any...
  12. Solohair

    Karen Barber colour advice

    I have a client who is a base 6 with about 4 inches of grown out highlights and she should like her hair like Karen Barber. I would be interested on any thoughts as to what colours you think are used here and what you would use to achieve this. I use mainly Wella. I have a few different ideas...
  13. Solohair

    Side parting with layers

    Does anyone have trouble with layers and side partings? I generally do a square layer cut on most people with long hair but i have one customer who keeps moaning that once her hair is side parted then there is more layers on one side than the other and that they seem shorter on the heavier...
  14. Solohair

    Hairstyle magazines - pictures of the back, side and front please!

    Does anyone get annoyed with hairstyle magazines that they hardly ever show the style from the side or back view!!! and yet when we take pictures of hair we always take a shot from the back as it's usually the best view to show off colours etc. I would love to see a hairstyle magazine full of...
  15. Solohair

    L'oreal Supreme discontinued - help!

    Help!! I have just discovered L'oreal Supreme has been discontinued. Can anyone recommend an alternative for a client with 100% very very resistant white hair! She used to have the 7.34 shade. Wella for resistant doesn't come out a nice colour on her hair, too green based. :mad:
  16. Solohair

    Never time to get your own hair done!

    Do you find being a hairdresser you are always doing everyone else's hair and never have time to get your own done? I also have got into a rut with my own hair and find its just easier to keep the same style and colour as just can't think what to do next with it! I feel as a hairdresser I...
  17. Solohair

    Which hairdryer?

    Which hairdryers are best? I currently use Parlux which I find great. Would be interested to know if anyone has any preference or recommendations.
  18. Solohair

    Scissor sharpening at Salon International

    I am going to Salon International next weekend and debating whether to take my scissors to get them sharpened or not. I seem to remember a few years ago my scissors weren't the same after getting them sharpened there but didn't know whether it was down to poor sharpening or the fact they...
  19. Solohair

    Allergy to tint! What tint is safe to use?

    I have a regular client who has just developed a reaction to tint! She is devastated to say the least. Can anyone recommend or does anyone know of any products that can be used for someone with an allergy to hair dye. She normally has a 5/0 and has 50% white hair so it's going to have to be a...
  20. Solohair

    Eyebrow wax on elderly lady

    I haven't been doing eyebrows for very long and one of my clients who is 85 years old has asked to book in for her eyebrows shaping. They are very coarse and bushy and the skin on her eyes is very loose. I can do waxing and threading but have not done either of these on someone of this age...