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    Suggestions for aromatherapy retail and professional products

    Thinking I may just take a step back from grabbing onto selling home fragrance and body care. If we pick up some interest on that front, it will be worth exploring. Just so early to say without trading. I really appreciate your insight on this topic. Looking at the Heaven Scent and it looks...
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    Suggestions for aromatherapy retail and professional products

    Hi @TheDuchess !, As always, coming to save the day : ) If I'm completely honest, we could be pretty unsuccessful in shifting these types of products. I just felt like our massage clientele (who may be a different demo and not skincare interested at all) may feel a bit left out by not...
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    Sorry just coming back to this now. Depending on what's presenting, some people like to perform a deep cleansing facial post microdermabrasion, this of course is for oilier and more resilient skin and may involve a clay based mask to sop up excess oil in the skin. For dry, photoaged...
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    Skincare course help?

    That is extremely exciting! I really hope you get some good responses to your post. From the experience I've had here and with some hindsight, I would encourage a Level 3 Diploma in electrical facials at minimum if you have an interest in advanced to a Level 4 in Aesthetics. I've attached a...
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    Gua Sha training?

    This is very curious, I assume that if you've had a hot and cold stone massage qualification, a lot of these cover stone use for facials (even if these weren't practised you may have covered the theory). If you have done a hot/cold stone in your massage training, it would be good to refer back...
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    Either really. Microdermabrasion shouldn't create heat in the skin. If the client is couperous or has rosacea, they would be at risk of getting very stimulated due to the suction element, however they will be contraindicated because of this. If a client is redness prone without...
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    LED and high frequency whilst breastfeeding

    Certainly a very valid and interesting question to ask. It sounds like you have ticked a lot of boxes with asking other experienced beauty therapists/or aestheticians, referred back to your training and spoke to your insurer. I think sometimes a more poignant decision maker is to ask the device...
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    Suggestions for aromatherapy retail and professional products

    Heya, So, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I am currently renovating a space that will be offering facials and massage therapy. I have had success in finding a skincare brand to take on that I'm very happy with, however I can't say the same for massage oil and body product suppliers. Firstly, I want...
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    Hydra facials help please!

    The hydrodermabrasion machine attached above are all under those price points. Maybe contact some of these suppliers for further information? *These are UK distributors
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    LED facial treatment

    Happy Sunday, The answer from my side is no. I've explored a number of other manufacturer's and have found they just fall short. I am aware that Celluma sells their Celluma Lite device for £1,194 inc VAT. I think this is at a great value. I chose to go with Dermalux (which is around £1,533 inc...
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    Hydra facials help please!

    I know there has been little to no responses on this thread, but I thought to update for those that happen to still be interested. Just got an email from Zemits who announced that they have a sale on their hydrodermabrasion device.
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    Where to start?

    Hey Hannah, Firstly, @TheDuchess, another very insightful and well communicated position. Bravo! Just my quick two pennies, to add on to TheDuchess, I personally have found it very difficult navigating this very unregulated industry. This sadly kept me from updating my training since...
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    Insurance, overall policy to cover contents & procedures including RF

    Again, super helpful to have an endorsement for Balens. I will certainly stay mindful of sticking with a broker in the future (whether that's with Balens or not). It's great to hear that there is some manoeuvrability in the future if that's required.
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    Business course recommendations?

    Hi Darling, Firstly, thank you so much for this in-depth response. It’s Mundo, but a certain representative for a global disinfectant brand wasn’t so happy with me using my save the headache I just had it changed. As someone who follows your (amongst others on here that I respect)...
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    Sorry for the confusion, I was referring to my earlier comment about skin needling services. With this varying from council to council, but in my town the license is only required for skin piercing (tattoos, cosmetic piercing, skin needling, etc)
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    RF Radiofrequency device recommendations

    Goodness, that is definitely a price point that would need a lot of consideration. I can see how the Carlton device with financing is a more attractive offering. I imagine many clients who love Caci could appreciate RF, certainly it has a lot of buzz around it at the moment (thank you Judy...
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    RF Radiofrequency device recommendations

    You would require a package in order to take on the device in Ireland? That's such a shame, they allow us to buy just the device if we wish here in England. 4tMedical have been nothing short of a dream to deal with (besides a bit of a full on Sales rep). They have loads of designated trainers...
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    I'm not a derma planer, however I am aware I will need to provide to my council on requesting a skin piercing license, a health and safety assessment and sharps safety measures for this service in particular alongside the relvevant training for the service being provided. I hate to say but...
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    RF Radiofrequency device recommendations

    I have had the training with the device but have yet to purchase as we are still in the renovation stage so not trading as of yet. I have to say that I love the device. I would say if there are any critiques it is that the dial to switch to the electroporation setting is a bit loud, however...
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    Hydra facials help please!

    A few distributors of hydrodermabrasion devices here in the UK that aren't Hydrafacial