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    Bleach bath to gorgeous copper

    Hi Guys, Would love fast advice please! My hair Hates colour, I have just put matrix 7CC on my hair and it now literally looks like a 6.0 it's gone dark brown with no copper 😕! Year's ago I had bleach blonde which I covered with 8.4 and liked it. I'm going to do a bleach bath on my hair...
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    Silver toners advice

    After lock down I will have a new client. She has full head bleach foils, silver toner & uses silver shampoo & conditioner. Her hair is a bright clean blonde. With not using toners on blonde hair before apart from an 8.81 with 1.5% on bleach. Which toners would you advise to get a bright...
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    Crazy Color help

    Hi everyone! I'm fully qualified but have trouble with my hair! I was 6.1 then bleached to do a crazy color Capri blue which was fantastic and held it's shade. Got bored, bleached my hair and used Crazy color Fire, it will not stay in my hair, I know reds are bad for this anyway, but my hair is...