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    Suggestions for aromatherapy retail and professional products

    Heya, So, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I am currently renovating a space that will be offering facials and massage therapy. I have had success in finding a skincare brand to take on that I'm very happy with, however I can't say the same for massage oil and body product suppliers. Firstly, I want...
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    Business course recommendations?

    I won't comment on the Moni23's question as I think you have done this artfully (and I'm under qualified), I actually am commenting as I was attracted to the business training courses you have taken in the last year. I personally am seeking out some businesses courses to better assist me in...
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    Fair wage for aesthetic practitioner/massage therapist?

    Happy holidays all, Banging out my business plan at present and am currently pondering the thought of employing an Aesthetic Practioner/Massage Therapist as there will be two treatment rooms. The business would be offering advanced facials as well as massage. I know what it's like to not be...
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    RF Radiofrequency device recommendations

    Hi geeks!, Currently searching for a good RF device to offer for facial treatments (possibly for body in the future). Are any of you using RF in your treatments, and if so do you like your device or would recommend it? I'm doing my initial outlay so trying to establish costs so any help would...
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    Clincare buy in/MOQ/

    I hope you are all keeping well, I have a quick question. I'm planning on opening a business to launch in Summer '21 offering advanced facials. I have been lucky enough to find a skincare brand that would cover most of my professional use and retail. However, I'm on the hunt for the advanced...