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    Insurance for 40% glycolic peel

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for companies that can provide insurance just for 40% glycolic peel treatments as I already have insurance for everything else with another company. TIA.
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    Goggles to replace visor

    With the new guidelines that we can now wear goggles instead of a visor (still with mask), I'm just curious as to how many of you think will swap? It is cumbersome having the visor but it makes me think that we will be less protected in the nose and mouth area by wearing goggles instead. What...
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    Ear piercing systems

    Hi, any recommendations for ear piercing systems that have thin posts on the earrings but also offer large and small studs? I've used Caress System 2000 which has always been fine but some clients don't like the big studs (they have thick posts). Also used Caflon Blue which have small and...
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    Eyelash extension protection

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to provide extra protection for ourselves and clients when doing eyelash extensions? I will be asking clients to wear a mask and I will of course be in PPE. I was thinking more of a perspex dome or half tunnel shape but slightly sloped...
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    Guidelines for returning to work

    Hello, I'm a little confused after reading the guidelines published today. So because some of our work is in the highest risk area (in front of the face), we are allowed to do treatments as long as we are wearing PPE? Or do we still have to be a metre away even with PPE (as in the 1 metre plus...
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    Rental payment during COVID-19

    Hi all, Just interested in hearing what agreement you have with your landlord during "lockdown" regarding your rent payment on your premises/room.
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    Small business grant fund

    Has anyone received the grant funding from their local authority yet - the one for businesses that pay little or no business rates?
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    Has anyone switched from MD Formulations or Priori to Puramed? What are your thoughts?
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    How to keep treatment room cool?

    Hi all, the room I work in gets the sun (when it's out!) most of the day and therefore gets very hot. I open the window and have a fan going but the air doesn't really circulate properly. Before I think about getting a portable air conditioning unit, I was just wondering if anyone has any...