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    Ombre hair extensions

    Hi Geeks, Some advice/help please! I am fitting a set of Ombre extensions on Saturday and wondered if anybody had any tips on placement. My clients hair is a standard #1 base colour with no lighter ends. I purchased an Ombre extension from routes which is #1b/4/24, therefore i wanted it to...
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    Maintenance on fusion bonds/keratin tips

    Hi Geeks, Advice needed!! I am currently looking over my price list for maintenance/refits: When doing a fusion bond refit what kind of prices do you charge? Do you charge to take them out, re-tip and then put them all back in at normal labor charge or do you just charge a flat rate? I'm...
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    Fusion Bond falling out with natural hair? Advice please

    Hi Ladies, Just a bit of advise i'm looking for... I have had one of my clients send me a message informing me that a couple of her fusion bond hair extensions are coming out with her natural hair. I know this is normal due to the hair you loose on a daily basis however looking at the picture i...