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    Aromatherapy podcasts

    I'd be interested to hear too; I've emailed Eve Taylor to ask about Aromatherapy courses but not heard anything back as yet.
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    Most popular treatments

    Good morning I'm still in my planning stages before I relaunch after a break from the Beauty industry. I'm getting into too many internet wormholes trying to decide on treatments, equipment and products! I know that lockdown isn't completely over, but I wondered how you are all fairing with...
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    Combining beauty consultation forms

    Thank you sharing, Rosie. Your format sounds ideal; It's refreshing to hear that you are so thorough :)
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    Steam or galvanic for extractions?

    Thank you so much for your advice, I will continue my hunt :)
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    Steam or galvanic for extractions?

    I’ve watched the video for the Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner. Has anyone used this? Or can you recommend a similar device for salon use? Pro Pore Refiner
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    Non surgical facelift

    That’s really interesting, I’d like to receive this treatment to compare to CACI. I paid £60 for a 52-minute CACI facial treatment last week. How much do you charge and how long is the treatment?
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    Getting back into the beauty business

    Thank you for your very honest and useful advice :)
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    Getting back into the beauty business

    Good afternoon I'm a fully qualified Beauty Therapist (two-year college course, CIBTAC and City & Guilds) but I've been out of the business for 20 years. I'm now 52 and have grown to despair of working in an office for bad management. As a CACI fan, I'd love to train in CACI for the face and...