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  1. cath4512

    Shellac lamp smells of burning

    Started to use me shellac lamp today & it sort of crackled smelled really badly of burning. I switched it off & have left it. Its not under warranty even though its only been used for 120 hours ( bulbs changed just once). I think its bad that it should break after 120 hours at the price that...
  2. cath4512

    What exactly are volume lashes please?

    Hi fellow geeks, I regularly have novalash extension & love them, but I have read on here about volume lashes. What is the difference from normal lash extensions please? :)
  3. cath4512

    Volume lashes in Bradford anyone?

    Hi lashers I am wanting a set of volume lashes by an experienced lasher. Do any of you do them in Bradford or surrounding areas please? Thanks Cath
  4. cath4512

    Which tongs please?

    I have popped over from nail geek for your advice. I am wanting to curl my short hair with tongs & wondered which ones you would recommend. This is the type of curl I want, it is actually my hair which I had curled for my wedding. It was done overseas so I don't know which tongs were used...
  5. cath4512

    Which tongs please?

  6. cath4512

    Found out on Monday I have breast cancer

    I was called for a routine mammogram about 3 weeks ago, got called for second stage screening at which they saw a mass of calcifications & did tests including a biopsy. I got my results on Monday 10/6/13. I have breast cancer which they are pretty sure is non invasive. ( there is one minute area...
  7. cath4512

    Hairdresser in Bradford-I need to find a new one

    I am looking for a new hairdresser.Myhairdresser has left & I have tried other ones in the same salon, I have been disappointed with the colour of mine the last three times & the third time it was as if she didnt listen to me at all. It is too dark . I have been to two other salons for a...
  8. cath4512

    So much for the start of Spring

    This is what I woke up to this morning & its forecast to snow all day today & tomorrow :eek:
  9. cath4512

    Request for cluster lashes on lady aged 73

    My mother in law to be has asked me to do her some cluster lashes, she has seen them on me & likes them. She has loose skin on her eyes & also very short straight lashes. I think they will look a bit odd on her tbh. I told her I needed to order some more to give me a bit of time to decide what...
  10. cath4512

    Found my wedding dress today

    I have finally found my dream dress for my wedding in Jamaica...... VOYAGE By Mori Lee Style 6721 I will wear flat sparkly sandals in Jamaica & heals for my reception back home.:)
  11. cath4512

    Has anyone had problems with orders from Nail Delights?

    I ordered on 11th February (only a small order) & had not received it after a week so I emailed them....they replied & said they would resend if I didnt receive it in a couple of days. Still no order so they said they would send again. I have still not received it & I sent two emails last week &...
  12. cath4512

    Wedding make up & hair Bradford anyone?

    Im getting marreid in November in Jamaica. And no, Im not wanting to take one of you lovely geeks with me to do my hair & make up lol. We are having a reception when we return & I want my hair & make up doing & so does my daughter. Do any of you do this in Bradford?
  13. cath4512

    Anyone ever done a treatment in someone's hotel room?

    I have just had a lady call me wanting a full pedi with shellac, full mani with shellac & party lashes. She said she was staying at a Travelodge in town as she was working in Bradford. I dont know how to explain it, but it didnt ring true somehow.It was the way she was asking about what I did &...
  14. cath4512

    New Irresistible Glitters from S2

    I have just been to S2 Leeds & got some of the new glitters, can't wait to try them out. Also, the new shellac colours look fab too....need to get saving :)
  15. cath4512

    new irresistable glitters from S2

  16. cath4512

    Pancake Day tomorrow, how do you like yours?

    I love pancakes with onion gravy, then I have one with lemon & sugar afterwards. My OH has his with golden syrup & his son has golden syrup & cheese (YUK) What toppings do you like?
  17. cath4512

    Perm on short hair-advice please

    I have a short layered asymetric bob. I have thick wavy hair which I can get into a messy curl by scrunch drying. I have a continuing shoulder problem & I am finding it harder & harder & painful to dry my hair.I dont like it if I leave it to dry naturally. I used to have it permed years ago...
  18. cath4512

    Hen Night ideas for older bride

    I am getting married in November & I will be 48. We are getting married abroad, just the two of us so I want a special hen night with my close friends & family. There will be approx 10 of us, two in their 20's & the rest 40 plus. I have looked at spa day, cupcake making, salsa class. meal &...
  19. cath4512

    How to remove contact lenses with long nails?

    I am having a trial of monthly disposable contacts. I have got toric lenses for blended vision. I can put them in fine, but am struggling to remove them as I have long nails. I have damaged one already & have been given a new one. Has anyone got any tpis on removing them when you have long nails?
  20. cath4512

    More snow oh no!

    Its snowing really bad again here. I re arranged my monday clients to tomorrow, just hope I can get to them.