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  1. yoshilee

    Lateral flow tests?

    I have been testing twice a week and pick up the kits from my local pharmacy. It sounds complicated when you read the instructions at first, but once you have done a couple you remember the steps and it's very quick and easy. I have had both my first and second vaccine but have 2 children in...
  2. yoshilee

    Massage gun recommendations

    Hi, I would like to purchase a massage gun for general use (not on clients). Can anyone recommend one please? I've had a look and am a little overwhelmed with the choice available. It would be great if I can reach around to do my traps myself and partly around my scapula. I would like to be able...
  3. yoshilee

    Number of Facebook reviews dropped from over 100 to 9!?

    Hello, I used to have 100+ reviews on Facebook, now it says I have 9 reviews but I can still see all my reviews. So it looks like it's just the number which has changed. My friend's page says she has -4 reviews! Does anyone have any idea what has happened and how I go about getting this sorted...
  4. yoshilee

    Client with FND

    I would ask your client to check with her consultant/specialist/GP who is her care provider for her diagnosis and treatment. Like you said insurers always say refer to your training when training only covers the most common contra-indicators and cannot possibly cover every single possible...
  5. yoshilee

    Jennifer Young Beauty Despite Cancer - Oncology massage and holistic facial

    Thanks for your reply. The problem with asking insurers is that they pretty much always say refer back to what you were taught in your training. In the VTCT L3 diploma we did not cover remission. As per the advice from The Duchess, I will take a common sense approach along with what I have...
  6. yoshilee

    Best shoes for hairdressers?

    I'm not a hairdresser but I do spend the majority of my working day standing. I wear shoes by Fitflop. Have a look on their website, can be a bit pricey but they do have a sale on. Very comfy shoes, feel like walking on air!
  7. yoshilee

    Jennifer Young Beauty Despite Cancer - Oncology massage and holistic facial

    Hi, thanks for your reply, it's very helpful and has given me a lot to think about. Given that the statistics indicate as many as 1 in 2 will have cancer it is something I need to thoroughly consider, be comfortable with and 100% sure I am doing what is best for the client. I will definitely do...
  8. yoshilee

    Indian head massage advice

    Thanks for your reply. The height situation does worry me a bit. I have a height adjustable couch which isn't an issue as clients are laid down. But with a chair if I lower it because a client is tall, I worry it will be uncomfortable for them sitting in that position for 30-45 minutes. I will...
  9. yoshilee

    Indian head massage advice

    Hello, I am thinking about training for 2021 and Indian Head Massage is one of the options I am thinking of. I currently offer different types of massage and holistic facial. My thinking is that it will fit nicely with the treatments I offer and will be an option for the client who would like to...
  10. yoshilee

    Christmas treatments

    I don't offer any special or seasonal treatments but I do find that Hot Stone Therapy massage very popular during the winter months.
  11. yoshilee

    Aromatherapy oils

    I use Base Formula, they have a great range of pre-blended oils and have always been very quick to reply to questions.
  12. yoshilee

    Jennifer Young Beauty Despite Cancer - Oncology massage and holistic facial

    Hello, thank you for replying. I've been thinking about Oncology massage for over 2 years. During lockdown I have done the Cancer Awareness training which gives you a better understanding of how cancer and treatments effect the body and skin which was very interesting. I've come to the...
  13. yoshilee

    Lockdown end date?

    I've seen 00:01 2nd December and also midnight 2nd December!!! I've given up trying to work it out! I've decided to start bookings on Thursday 3rd to be safe. I am hopeful we will open again but I think there will be another mini lockdown early next year. Thank you for all your replies and I...
  14. yoshilee

    Lockdown end date?

    Yes, I've seen lots of post on FB and received emails from businesses to say they are (lockdown ending permitting) taking bookings from Wed 2nd December. I must admit because lockdown started on Thursday I assumed it would end at midnight on Wednesday!! Not confusing at all!!
  15. yoshilee

    Lockdown end date?

    Thank you for your reply. I've had emails from Spas, salons etc saying they are open from Wed 2nd Dec so I've used this date to book clients back in. Fingers crossed this is a mini-lockdown but I can see another one potentially end of Jan/Feb.
  16. yoshilee

    Jennifer Young Beauty Despite Cancer - Oncology massage and holistic facial

    Hi, has anyone been on any of the Jennifer Young Beauty Despite Cancer courses? I am interested in the Oncology Massage and potentially the Holistic Facial course. How did you find the training course, materials, case studies etc Do you find much demand for these services? I am home based with a...
  17. yoshilee

    Lockdown end date?

    Hi, so we are all closing from Thursday until lockdown finishes on 2nd December. If it is lifted after 4 weeks does this mean we can book in clients on Wednesday 2nd December or is it from Thursday 3rd December? thank you x
  18. yoshilee

    Lockdown 2.0

    Hi, I've decided to re-book clients from 3rd December as it says if the R rate is low enough we will move back to regional tiers. If we are still locked down then I will just have to move all appointments again to Jan and beyond. I would rather have all my bookings in for December and not have a...
  19. yoshilee

    Lockdown 2.0

    I don't know how small businesses are going to survive another lockdown. The BBC headline says 'lasting a month' I am wondering if I should contact all my clients I have booked in for November to re-book them in for December. At this point I can only hope that I can continue to sell gift...
  20. yoshilee

    Help! Tier 2 paid childcare question

    Hi, I'm in an area which is subject to Tier 2 restrictions, no households are allowed to mix indoors. From what I understand there is an exemption for paid childcare for under 16s. Does anyone know if this just means nursery/childminders only please? My in-laws currently pick both my children up...