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    Retirement sale

    Hi I am going to finish working and have my CND shellac collection good selection of shades and bottles with good amount in only for sale ,nail art products stamping kit lots of moyou plates cnd creative play 12 bottles most unused and various other nail items. I am unsure how to price them has...
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    Dry nails and cuticles

    Thanks for that will take and try all your advice
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    Dry nails and cuticles

    What is the best nail oil for my cuticles have used solar oil for years but this winter they are still very dry and my nails the same using hand sanitizers so much not helping
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    Gel polish recommendations, any advice appreciated

    Hi I have tried a few different ones and I always come back to shellac and nsi they go on well customers love them and best of all last without problems hope that helps
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    Any suggestions please

    I have the wild moss shellac and love the sparkle in it are there any other colours with a similar sparkle ? Also I would like to buy some creative play to stamp with it can anyone suggest any colours to go with it I have the black and white at the moment thanks everyone
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    Colours for layering Shellac please

    Thank you for that information have found Liverpool Lashes. I am very interested in the additives they look so much fun will buy some to try when I go for my training . Many thanks for your help :p
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    Colours for layering Shellac please

    Thanks for that I am doing my shellac training this week then I guess it will take a bit of time to perfect it and get a customer base. I am very interested in the Art and Style course would you let me know how you get on good luck with it. Best regards:)
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    Colours for layering Shellac please

    Hi, Please could you give me your advice on some colours in shellac which will layer to add to my range. I am just starting up and would love your help many thanks. :rolleyes: