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  1. littlegrohl

    Nail Bar Danger Report on AU TV pls view

    part I YouTube - ‪Bad Nail Bars - Part 1‬‏ Part II Nail bar danger, your stories If you could have a look at these and give me your thoughts i would appreciate it.. :confused:
  2. littlegrohl

    Popped in to say hellooo!

    :Love:Hope you all had a fantastic Easter guys! After a bit of a "tree change" (expect a blog or two) and a loooong break from enhancements.. I have decided to return and give it another go... hope to see some old faces around.. :Love:
  3. littlegrohl

    Geeks in glasses

    I have had my new glasses for only a fortnight.. my last pair were so badly scratched and towards the end i could barely see through them. Now this new pair has little round dots which look glittery that will not come off.. I look after my glasses, after a service i run them under water before...
  4. littlegrohl

    Advice from Employers ~ Salon Interview.

    Hi Geeks, Can anyone who has any experience with Interviews give me some pointers please. I'm doing an Interview on Tuesday and It will be while I am doing a set of french nails, so if you can, a little insight into what is being looked for would help. All and ANY advice is welcome, I have an...
  5. littlegrohl

    Male client for NNO.

    hiya geeks, Have a male client coming in soon, he wants an overlay for strength reasons.. After a clean and tidy i will apply a clear L&P over his nn, but any ideas on how to get less shine? with my usual filing procedure minus the high shine buffer i'm still getting a high shine, but i dont...
  6. littlegrohl

    Articles in womens magazines

    I was sat reading my Glossy after shopping today.. every week i buy a magazine, and usually its NW or WHO, every second week its VOGUE or COSMO I love the HAIR, HEALTH AND BEAUTY sections.. and for the first time i wondered why they didn't have a nails section. even if it came under Beauty it...
  7. littlegrohl

    First attempt using Avolve

    First trial with Avolve L&P. Tip Overlay.. Love the tips, so thin and flexible.. (and i rarely use tips) would loved to have been able to extend the nail bed a touch.. looking forward to the coverage pink to be released!!
  8. littlegrohl

    Link to nail disorder site

    This contains Graphic pictures of nail diseases. although a bit "icky" very interesting to see whats actually going on. worth a look.
  9. littlegrohl

    Male pedi client

    hi geeks.. did a consult on a new client yesterday and have a few issues i could use some advice on. The gentleman is overweight.. to the point where he is bordering on obese. He says he does not suffer diabetes but does suffer from High Blood pressure.. He is on his feet at work all day and...
  10. littlegrohl

    Post tan maintenance..

    I am looking for a range of post tan products that have a high SPF in them.. I want to stock them, and i am concerned that a number of my tan clients think that because they are brown they do not need to consider sunscreen.. I would like to get some that have a range of face and body...
  11. littlegrohl

    Nail wraps done with tissue?

    Quick one i hope.. new client came for nno, I noticed she had a split in the nn right in the corner of her smile.. i set about fixing it with resin then overlay, when she told me her old tech used tissues.. I figured she meant fibre glass or something like that, but she assured me that the...
  12. littlegrohl

    Summer toes (natural nail)

    well summer is on the way in AUS.. and im looking at offering a complete package.. My clients come to me for there tans and hand/foot care.. the tans and nails i have decided on as most of my clients go for P&W and the tan depth is mostly up to them.. but the toe's i am having trouble with...
  13. littlegrohl

    Geeky bookclub?

    hello all.. well as the title says i was just wondering if anyone wanted to start a bookclub? I have zero life outside of work at the moment.. and my nights are spent at home as i have young kids.. I love books and think that talking about books is fun! so.... my idea is this...
  14. littlegrohl

    Help with natural nail manicure

    New client came to me after years of dodgy enhancements and i decided after one attempt at a p&w to work on her nn instead.. she had far too much damage on the np and suffered lifting. after a few nn manicures they are looking far better, but her3rd and 8th finger nails are growing to a point...
  15. littlegrohl

    P&W sculpted french lipstick l&p

    Interested in your feedback.. I am starting to feel comfortable with my p&w's.. any advice would be recieved gratefully.. Still not 100% happy with my coverage.. used a custom blend of intense/flawless/melting pot cheers :green:
  16. littlegrohl

    winter tanning question

    Rather then Hijack Colins thread.. as i very nearly did.. i figured i would ask here.. as its the direct opossite of Winter is nearing in Oz.. (Boooo) while its Autumn now you wouldnt know it.. (Freezing) anywho, im starting to feel another type of cold... the loss of my incredibly...
  17. littlegrohl

    Show us your artistic Flair

    oops sorry i meant flair....:smack: as apparently we at geek have none.. i thought this might give anyone a kick up the butt they needed to create the most artistic nail they can and post it here...:green: i know im off to create something shiny and sparkly.. any shape/size/length...
  18. littlegrohl

    Geek Picnic!!!

    Lets have some fun!! Everyones invited to a Geek Picnic.. what will you be bringing.. whats your signiture dish? Im bringing my famous potatoe salad, and honey soy chicken pieces with sesame seed coating.. OOh and of course My boxed wine (goon).. some soda water and ice.. So who's...
  19. littlegrohl

    Ultra sculptor CND

    I m looking into different size brushes for my L&p work.. I would like a #8 for enhancing.. and a #4 and a #6 for 3d work and rfining.. I would also like a new brush for my glitter work.. So my question is this. Is it the utlra sculptor that comes with interchangable heads?? and if so do...