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  1. kinkyboots33

    SPMU-the natural next step?

    Well... Iv went with Mrs makeup and start my training on Monday.
  2. kinkyboots33

    SPMU legislation and council requirements

    It's a mind field out there isn't it. Start my course on Monday, very exited but nervous too! Spoke to a guy frm the council and he said the main things were waiting area, wash hand basin and washable surface. You yo trained yet?
  3. kinkyboots33

    SPMU legislation and council requirements

    OMG I'm actually freaking out here with all of the legislation and council requirements. Does everyone has a separate waiting area? What about if you work from home [emoji33]
  4. kinkyboots33

    Massage courses in Scotland

    Anyone x
  5. kinkyboots33

    Massage courses in Scotland

    Hi. Looking for an excellent introductory massage cource. Any guidance will be very appreciated X
  6. kinkyboots33

    What facial procedures can non-medically qualified beautician perform?

    So you need a skin care or college qualification to attend them mobilemartine?
  7. kinkyboots33

    HD brow treatment?

    Can you create a beautiful shape?
  8. kinkyboots33

    HD Brows advanced training

    Iv debated too but I don't think it's worth it. I wouldn't/couldn't put up my prices and people just wand "HD Brows" I really don't think they would care or notice if you were pro or master stylist. I know a couple of master stylists and they really aren't all that good, certainly not any better...
  9. kinkyboots33

    LVL lashes problems

    I wasn't aware LVL trained in Glasgow? I had to go to Dundee x
  10. kinkyboots33

    What nails are you sporting today?

  11. kinkyboots33

    LVL lashes problems

    Your training consisted of a video? Where did you train?
  12. kinkyboots33

    Cash or card payments?

    Isn't it a bit cheeky to ask for a tip?
  13. kinkyboots33

    LVL lashes or lash extensions

    Lvl is easy to do, earn roughly the same where as extensions take practice. I'm 80% lvl 20% extensions
  14. kinkyboots33

    Cash or card payments?

    Can anyone suggest the best/cheapest cars machine or does it depend on the amount of transaction there are or how much money you take in?
  15. kinkyboots33

    Double nail desk

    Looking for a table which sits two technicians. So far Iv only found an IKEA one. Not looking to spend over 200. Anyone any ideas? Also best place to buy sadle stools?
  16. kinkyboots33

    Your set ups. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

    Can I ask, is that the IKEA table . Also looking for one which sits two x
  17. kinkyboots33

    Cash or card payments?

    Thanks guys, looks like I'll need to look into getting a card machine then x
  18. kinkyboots33

    Cash or card payments?

    At The moment I work frm home and take cash payments only but I'm buying s shop and wondered whether I will need a card machine? Would like to hear views/pros and cons etc X
  19. kinkyboots33

    Eyelash extension infill price help

    I'm 2hrs for a full set prices £48 2/3 week infill £30 3/4 week fill £35 4+ weeks full price
  20. kinkyboots33

    IPL training Scotland

    Thank you [emoji8]