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  1. Lilypie

    Portable wax trolley

    My waxing clients are increasing which is great but I'm getting frustrated. I use a pot and spatula and prefer this to rollers but I'm wasting time in my appointments going to and from the wax pot. I just station it where the client has available (and cover the side with a towel in case of...
  2. Lilypie

    Empower nail film alternative

    I'm still rubbish at nail art but determined to keep trying different techniques. Have seen Mrs Grey's tutorial on art deco nails and fancy giving it a go but the empower nail films are quite expensive when I'm just starting out. Are there are cheaper alternatives out there or any homemade...
  3. Lilypie

    Neutral nail art

    I have a daytime job alongside my beauty business and am only allowed neutral nails which is getting boring. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas to jazz up neutral nails a bit? The boldest I can get away with is Rosebud in shellac but I'm really keen to slow off what I can do to my clients a...
  4. Lilypie

    Cornflower blue Shellac?

    Hi, am looking for a cornflower blue shade but can't find anything close. I have Azure Wish but it's the wrong colour and I'm stumped on layering suggestions. Any ideas geeks? Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  5. Lilypie

    Shellac Desert Poppy

    In a nutshell, bought it even though I personally don't like orange tones as thought it would be popular in summer. None of my clients have ever chosen it. I don't think it's me steering them away, in fact I'd actually quite like to use it to see if I can change my opinion. Has anyone got any...
  6. Lilypie

    CND Additives vs Mica Pigments?

    I've got a few micas from the colour shack but am considering getting a couple of CND additives to try. I was wondering if there is any noticeable difference between the two in how easy they are to apply and the wear of the product, and of course the overall look? I've tried ombre before with...
  7. Lilypie

    Shellac colour help, unusual colours

    I have lots of reds and pinks, also have a few darker colours.....what would you go for next? I was thinking hotski or maybe mint convertible. Which 'unusual' colours have proved popular for you? Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  8. Lilypie

    Cloud 9 advice

    Hi all, just popped over from Nail and Skin boards, apologies if this should be in consumer queries I've just bought the wide plate cloud 9 straighteners and taken them out the box. When I hold the straighteners closed, the plates are flush together at the tips but there is a slight gap towards...
  9. Lilypie

    Cloud 9 advice

  10. Lilypie

    LA Tan - new Disco 14%

    Does anyone have any pictures of this after wash off? I have a client who normally has a 12% but would like to go a little darker. Was wondering whether to try Disco or Cocktail. Can anyone help please? Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  11. Lilypie

    Waxing timing

    Just after a bit of guidance long would you set aside to do a full leg, bikini and eyebrow wax? Thanks Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  12. Lilypie

    LA Tan mixing solutions question

    Probably a really stupid question but I'll ask anyway..... Can I mix 10% (brown) with either of the 14% (cocktail and disco) to make 12%? I was under the impression you can't mix gold and brown range together as ingredients are different. What's confused me is that cocktail is described as a...
  13. Lilypie

    Shellac Tutti Frutti?

    Does anyone else find tutti frutti to be quite see through? I've now applied 3 coats and can still see my free edge through the colour. Anything I can do to stop this as I dont really want to have to apply 3 coats on every application? Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app Sent...
  14. Lilypie

    Shellac Sugared Spice

    I've done a search but can't find much on Sugared Spice on here or on Google. I want to order some more colours. I'm fine for pinks reds etc. I have Rubble and Desert Poppy and wanted a neutral along that end of the spectrum. Does anyone have swatches of Sugared spice please? Or any other...
  15. Lilypie

    Shellac Dark Lava vs Dark Dahlia

    Had anyone got swatches of these two colours to compare please? I've tried googling but all the photos are taken in differing lights so it's hard to compare. I want a deep plum colour, more aubergine rather than red so was thinking of Dark Dahlia? Any other suggestions? Thanks Sent from my...
  16. Lilypie

    Charity night set up

    I've only recently started up my mobile business and am currently building my client base. I have the opportunity to take part in a charity pamper night this weekend as one of the other therapists has dropped out. It won't really make me any money but I'm keen to do it too get my name out...
  17. Lilypie

    Self employed as second income

    Sorry if this had been asked before, have searched but no joy. I am employed via a large organisation for my day job and want to be part self employed for mobile work for evenings and weekends. Neither beauty or my main job are anything alike, so no risk of poaching clients etc. Our work...
  18. Lilypie

    Friend policy

    Do you carry out treatments on friends (paying)? Today I've had a friend cancel her appointment for tonight and in the few days before Christmas, three other friends also cancelled their appointments on the day. My business cards state 24 hours for cancellations although this is more of a...
  19. Lilypie

    LA Tan 14% Disco

    Just wondered if anyone has any pictures of the new Disco 14% after wash off? Am wondering how it compares to the cocktail? I can only find examples using the 18% which I'm reluctant to purchase as there'll be a time where I can no longer buy this. I don't use the cocktail as not keen on the...
  20. Lilypie

    Advice for my own nails please

    Morning everyone. My natural nails have become very weak and the have split very low down. I was wondering what I can do to save them if anything? I'm only qualified in manicures and pedicures so I don't have any skills to be Able to repair them myself. Would gel overlays save them? I've...