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  1. ris

    How do you advertise?

    I have a site, actually more than one :cool: - coded it myself etc but I can't say it's an effective way - here at least. I get enough visitors - more than enough if at least some of the hits transformed into calls but.. Then I post adds on Internet boards. It's a bit more effective I...
  2. ris

    Confused by a nail that just 'dies'

    It’s quite interesting, actually.. I once hit a toenail badly and I got a hematoma (the nail grew dark) And then, with a time, the nail detached itself completely and fell off, a new nail growing underneath. And then the new nail that had grown to its full length fell off, too. And a couple...
  3. ris

    Simple French gel design

    Thank you for comments. I know that many people don't like the matte look, putting it sometimes down to nails looking unfinished. I personally like everything about the nails. And wear almost everything myself I just think that very glossy and glittery nails may look a bit... childish...
  4. ris

    Simple French gel design

    Sharing a gel design. Although it's simple - just black translucent gel and yellow glitter - it looks stylish. And it's very practical, I think. One of my favourites. ) Hope you like it. ps) If you buff the surface you get the matted look. More elegant - I personally like it that way even...
  5. ris

    Dark Lava

    I like them. 12 days and there's hardly any growth. Good. ) Did you use nail polish or was it something you have to cure under the lamp? Well, thinking of it - probably the latter?
  6. ris

    Pink and white with glitter

    Looks ok for me, better than the other set you posted
  7. ris

    First paying client

    Just one hand? :suprised: Usually when there is one hand I'd say that it is somebody who did their own nails especially if the hand is left. ;) There's far too much material on the white tip of the nail and not enough on the nailbed. Even with nails this short it can cause problems. The...
  8. ris

    Best Gel nails to train other than CND!

    I like EzFlow gels as well, although I didn't train with them and don't order directly - tried to contact them but they didn't answer. Also I find SrarNail gels good quality.
  9. ris

    Babyboom nails on nailbiter

    I think they are cute )) And although many clients would probably prefer a crispier smiley I personally like this kind of "smile" too - looks natural to me. I wish you had taken a pic of how they looked before the application - your job would look much more impressive. Well done!
  10. ris

    Hyponychium growing beyond the nail bed?

    Why, if the problem is purely 'mechanical' - the hyponychium grows because it has a nice cosy space to grow into :lol: ... to fix the problem you just have to get rid of that 'step', try and fit the form edge to edge, and file and clean underneath the free edge. I developed a little of this...
  11. ris

    Hyponychium growing beyond the nail bed?

    It's one of the side-effects of wearing artificial nails: usually it is prone to grow when there is a little 'step' of material under the free edge due to imperfect from-fitting. The way out is to fit the form edge to edge - tightly so that the material isn't pushed down out to form the...
  12. ris

    Gel just melting off.... ?!?

    You need to see tha nails to determine the problem.
  13. ris

    How many sets of nails did you do?

    More than a year I'd say... and I can't say my confidence is firm and unshakable and that I don't feel insecure ever now and then.. Besides, there are always people out there who would give you the hard time for nothing. It's better to stay away from them since the very beginning - I should've...
  14. ris

    Technicians lying to clients

    Same here. And it's not just people lying about products and services, believe me.. Some people in competition just don' have any ethics whatsoever.
  15. ris

    What a nerve?

    You know, there seems to be quite a few of this sort around here or maybe it's just my luck.. I wanted to post it for others, too. I am really happy I got those pics from her.. Seeing is believing, as they say - sometimes NOT believing :wink2: - and I was relieved that I didn't have to, you...
  16. ris

    One stroke floral design

    As promised in this thread http://www.salongeek.com/nail-geek/138208-what-nerve.html here's how I paint the flowers that some of you liked. The design is a bit different bit (not only on the tip this time - French style) but the flowers and the colours are the same: for the darker flowers I...
  17. ris

    Rebalance or Start Over on client with unknown product.

    Yes, and it's worth while keeping in mind that most of such people are looking elsewhere because no experienced tech will give them a rebalance.
  18. ris

    What a nerve?

    I'm developing a thick skin, too. Neverthrless I refuse to consider this normal. It's not normal - there are quite a few of them. I've posted this as a classic example because I saw similar complaints here, too and I thought it looked all too familiar.
  19. ris

    What a nerve?

    That's what I am asking myself - what kind of people are they? And how come they have so much time to go around doing nails that they don't take proper care of. I personally am a little tired of having to pick myself up - I wonder back how many were there who just didn't care while I thought...
  20. ris

    Would you be put off?

    Yes, besides, most babies want a lot of attention. You can't just ignore them. And it's a strain. But there are some who have a quiet nature and keep to themselves - wouldn't mind this kind.