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  1. butterflys

    Natural white free edge

    Hi geeks. My sister has had natural white free edge ever since she has had her children and asked me why she has got this. Can anyone tell me the answer. I have done a seach on here but it only comes up with enhancement and as these are her natural nail's I am at a loss. Please help me...
  2. butterflys

    Enhancements peeling off

    Hi geeks I have been servicing nails for about 2 years, but some of my new clients have been cancelling due to there enhancements just peeling off in one go. I wear my own products and have had them on for months some lifting on my right hand, but I put that down to doing them on my self...
  3. butterflys

    salona nail & beauty school.

    Hi, I am thinking on doing beauty to extend my nail business and have anquired at Solana Norwich, If anyone has done the Swedish body massage with them please could you give me advice on how the course was. Did you gain alot from it ect.
  4. butterflys

    Edi ?

    Hi, Has anyone heard of EDI (Educationial Development Internationial)? I would like to get into the beauty side to extend my business from just nails. I have heard of EDI and wanted to know if anyone on here has heard of it? Please get in touch if you have and give me your views.
  5. butterflys

    Swedish body massage courses

    Hi, I'm a nail tech and would like to go into beauty, I am interested in doing a course in Swedish body massage in norfolk, pref near Norwich, Norfolk. if anyone can help that would be great. Nicky
  6. butterflys

    N v q

    Hi all. I have been trained in the nail industry for 2 1/2 years, Trained with EN, LeChat and lately Ezflow. I am trained in Gel and L&P. As I have these qualifications with the above do I need to have an NVQ and if so at what level. Thanks for any replies.
  7. butterflys

    Problem nails

    Hi all, I had a lady yesterday that had the hardest nails I have ever had to do. She told me that as a child she had badly bitten her nails and as a result all her nails didn't had a side wall. I did take a pic of before I started but as I was not happy with the finish result I didn't take a...
  8. butterflys

    Ezflow Naughty = Nice Colour Gels

    Hi all, I am interested in extending my collection with Ezflow and have coloured gel before that when you wipe the colour comes off on the pad, (Yes they have been cured for the right length of time and Yes I have tested the UV Lamp). The coloured gels that I have at the mo is...
  9. butterflys

    Very Thin Nails

    Hi, I have a lady that has been coming to me since September. Her nails are very thin like paper. When she first came to me she had a green colouring on 3 of her nail plates on each hand. I have cleared this up for her and explained to her why it was there and how to provent it. The...
  10. butterflys

    Promoting my business - what do you think?

    Hi all. I am looking to get more clients, I have advertised in the past and got no where from it. I trying to promote my business in a different way. I work on Sunday at Tesco's. I though that if I get some of the staff to have there nails do for 1/2 price and if a customer ask's about...
  11. butterflys


    Hi I did a course in acrylics begining of this year, at Solana's. I bought some acyrlic powder which was pink, and monomer from the staff which she made up her self. Can you use any monomer with any powders as I would like to get some coloured powders? I like working with acyrlics and...
  12. butterflys

    Nail Architecture

    Hi to all you Lechat users Can anyone tell me if they have used Nail Architecture form LeChat. I have some questions. 1) What is different about it, if there is any, what makes it stand out from the rest. 2) When we will be able to get it. 3) Will we have to pay to be trained in it if...
  13. butterflys

    Gelee French Pink gel

    Hi, Can someone tell me when I sould be using the Gelee french pick gel. I was trained in Le chat Gelee products, But because I have only used the blue and red bottle since my training, I cannot remember at what stage to use the pink gel at. I had a client that wanted it, and I used it...
  14. butterflys

    Nail Punches Sizes

    Hi all, I would love your advice on what size fiskars hole punch you all use. please can anyone help as I need to order some soon for the heart for valentine. Thanks
  15. butterflys

    please help - making falseToe Nail's

    Hi all I am in a bit of a muddle, I think it was on here, but not sure, There was a tutorial on making a new toe nail for people that has lost there toe nails/had them removed. I told a lady about this and she is coming round on Monday for me to have a go on making here a false nail for her...
  16. butterflys

    starting in a salon on Friday

  17. butterflys

    starting in a salon on Friday

    Hi lady's Starting in a salon on Friday and I am bricking it. I have only got one client booked in, so I hope that this way I will get more clientelle. I am also looking forward to working from a salon, meeting new people. The owner said that in 3 months I would have a full client list...
  18. butterflys

    valentine pre-designed natil tips

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me wherer to get some different pre-designed valentine tips. I have looked all over but cannot find any PLEASE HELP
  19. butterflys

    Le chat ladies I need help

    To all you ladies that use Le Chat products. I have resently has le chat on my nails and when I took them off me natural nails felt very weak and soft, Why would this be. :cry: I used cuticle oil and also put a coat of base & top coat on. I have also had a friend call me with the same...
  20. butterflys

    Record cards?

    Hi, Who's record cards do you use? I have go some of my own that I have done on words, but takes to much time to print. Where do you all get yours from and why do you think that they are good. What sort of things do they have on them? Any help welcome.